Analysis: BTC prices continue to rise while the capital is not in the forefront, this "deviation" can be said to be a bullish signal

According to the analysis of the Coin Research Institute, the market value of Altcoin (the altcoin) denominated in BTC has fallen by 38% since the end of March (the black line below). The investor’s more intuitive feeling is that the BTC price (the yellow line below) continues. The rise and the altcoin are faltering. In fact, looking back at the past five years (between half of the time in the bull and bear market), there have been about 7 such "deviations", totaling about 366 days, of which 5 of 327 days occurred in the bull market, so the recent Deviation can be said to be a bullish signal. And the recent market seems to coincide with the rotation order of the traditional stock market – the brokerage stocks led the bull market (the marginal benefit is the highest), followed by the blue chip big stocks rose (value return), and then the small market, concept Stocks led the gains (risk preference rose to the highest).