Zhejiang Digital Economics Association Blockchain Committee was established to help the "Digital Economy" No. 1 Project

On May 12th, Zhejiang Digital Economics Association, which is under the supervision of Zhejiang Science and Technology Association and registered by the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, was formally established. Among them, the blockchain committee was established by the leading blockchain information service provider Babbitt in China. The blockchain committee will “encourage the digital transformation of traditional enterprises” and “the service of the blockchain enterprises” as the vision and mission. With “training”, “transformation” and “thinking” as the three business segments, we will help the “Digital Economy” No. 1 project. Babbitt CEO Wang Lei was elected as the director of the blockchain committee, and Ba Mengdi co-founder Hu Mengdi was elected secretary general of the blockchain committee. The first blockchain committee has 60 member units and individuals selected, including blockchain industry experts, scholars, government agencies, universities and research institutes, and industry leaders.