Will the biggest secret of Bitcoin be quickly revealed?

Will the biggest secret of Bitcoin be quickly revealed?


Bitcoin has its mystery. Rather, how it works, most users will never understand. But by far the oldest and most fascinating is the identity of the bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The GotSatoshi website and Twitter promise to be the live broadcast of the book at the 15:50 GMT on May 14th. So we won't be able to wait until we know this secret.

Where is Nakamoto?

The GotSatoshi website has only one countdown page and lists the question "Where is Nakamoto?" But the corresponding Twitter account on the website claims that this is actually written by Nakamoto.

The website's attached page describes Nakamoto as an "inventor, developer and futurist", cryptography enthusiast and blockchain evangelist. Its Twitter account claims, "As you might expect, it's not 'Not Craig Wright'." The account also hinted that security expert McAfee knows Nakamoto, and @officialmcafee, "If possible, please uncover my mask."

Can we really uncover this truth?

Unveiling the mystery of Nakamoto?

Some people think this is just a public relations tool for the 2019 CoinDesk Consensus Conference. The countdown on the website page seems to be consistent with the time of the CoinDesk Consensus Conference. Therefore, it is also possible that a public relations team tried to attract people's attention by exposing Nakamoto's identity.

Is it possible for McAfee (or someone else who "knows" Nakamoto's true identity)? McAfee did claim last month that he would publish clues about Nakamoto's identity. He obviously does not feel ashamed of the gender confusion of Nakamoto Satoshi like us, so maybe he knows the true identity of Nakamoto?

However, McAfee subsequently withdrew his “disclosure” proposal, which is said to be a decision made by his legal team.

Will the publisher of this website be Nakamoto Sakamoto? If so, we will find out the truth next Tuesday. Or is it to divert attention? In this way, the real Bitcoin creator can relax and protect his true identity in this way?

The labels posted on the website start with "inventors, programmers, geniuses, mavericks", which doesn't seem to be a description of yourself. Nakamoto has successfully concealed his identity for such a long time, and any speculations made during this period may be stupid.

So at this stage, everything is uncertain. In any case, the countdown to the gotsatoshi.com website is coming to an end. Someone soon told us the answer.