Apple Smart Watch Introduces Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallet App

Apple Smart Watch Introduces Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallet App


You can now receive bitcoin experimental lightning payments by simply touching the Apple Smart Watch.

Bluewallet is the most popular of the lightning network wallets, and the company launched a new app for Apple Watch on Sunday, allowing users to receive bitcoin through its new payment technology lightning network wallet. . Traders can use this smartwatch app to generate QR codes—a square bar code—that others can use to scan a QR code on a smartphone to complete a payment.

A few weeks ago, Bluewallet released a preview version of the app on Twitter. But starting today, it can be officially downloaded from the iTunes store.

Product and user experience engineer Nuno Coelho used the app as an experiment, in an interview with CoinDesk:

"This is a small experiment we have introduced to the smart wallet with a smart wallet. The first version will be very simple, allowing you to receive lightning payments."

Why do some people want to trade lightning through smart watches? You may think about this. Smart watches are not as popular as smartphones, but many people use smart watches to track health and view phone notifications instead of actually replacing them.

To this end, Bluewallet is testing to see if users are willing to use them for bitcoin payments.

Coelho explained, "The introduction of an encrypted wallet into a smart watch can meet the user's need for speed to enhance the user experience. Some users find it difficult to take out a mobile phone to accept bitcoin, they can use a smart watch to do this. ".

But Coehlo stressed that this is an experiment, because lightning technology itself is still experimental, they are not sure how many users will really want to use this application.

He told CoinDesk: "If the feedback is good, we will spend more time on the project. This is an industry that is still in the early stages of development, so we are trying to figure out how to build these things correctly."

Bluewallet is headed by a team of three developers who are also developing other wallet features. "We also want to transform from third-party services to provide maximum trust to our users. This is our most important goal.