BTC rose more than 10% and broke the total market value of cryptocurrency of $8,200 to exceed $200 billion.

BTC rose more than 10% and broke through $8,200. The total market value of cryptocurrency exceeded $200 billion.

As of press time, Bitcoin rose more than 10%, breaking through the $8,000 mark, a nine-month high, while other mainstream cryptocurrencies generally rose sharply.

The 24-hour data of the cryptocurrency index showed that as of 15:58 Beijing time (03:58 am ET), Bitcoin rose 14.81% to US$8,269.3, the highest since July 25 last year. In the past seven days, Bitcoin has risen by 35%.

At the same time, Ripple rose 19.24% to $0.39251; Ethereum rose 11.93% to $213.58; EOS rose 13.22% to $6.1586.

The total market value of the cryptocurrency market rose from $190.4 billion last Friday to $234.4 billion.

On May 13th, Valerie Szczepanik, Digital Assets and Innovation Consultant of the US Securities Regulatory Commission, expressed his position on the first exchange (IEO).

Valerie Szczepanik said that because the platforms that attempt to list and charge IEOs are likely to engage in brokerage activities, there may be barriers to their regulation.

She said, "If they have US issuers or US buyers, or if they do business in the US market and they don't register, they will find themselves in trouble in the US."

She also talked about cryptocurrency broker TokenLot. Valerie Szczepanik said, “TokenLot is a platform to assist buyers in participating in the ICO. In this case, the regulator has taken enforcement action against the platform to participate in the sale as an unregistered broker dealer, violating the Registration regulations."

In other news, according to the German Business Daily, Germany will introduce regulations for blockchain bonds, allowing bonds to be issued in the form of virtual logos on the blockchain.

The German government's blockchain correspondent Thomas Helmann told the German Business News, "We believe that the promotion of blockchain technology in Germany, especially in 2019, is crucial."

In addition, the cryptocurrency exchange currency was fully restored to the cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal on Tuesday after being hacked.

Coin Ann said in the announcement, “Our team is working hard all the weekend and is making progress. In the past days, we have made some major improvements to our system, adding a lot of advanced security features and/or completely re- The architecture is designed. We will share some of the improvements later."

On May 7, the currency was stolen 7,070 bitcoins, worth $40 million. (English for financial reasons)

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