Starbucks, the whole food supermarket and other US retail giants collectively announced the acceptance of encrypted goods

Starbucks, the whole food supermarket and other US retail giants collectively announced the acceptance of encrypted goods

After the Forbes magazine reported that Starbucks and Whole Foods Supermarket have accepted bitcoin payments, the blockchain media has given more names to US retail giants that have accepted encrypted digital payments. They are:

Lowes (the second largest home building materials company in the United States, with a market capitalization of $83.3 billion)

Gamestop (game site, US TV game and entertainment software retail giant, $844 million)

Whole Foods (all-food supermarket, Amazon acquired in 2017 for $13.7 billion)

Petco (US pet supplies retail giant)

Barnes & Noble (Bano Bookstore, the largest physical bookstore in the United States)

Regal Cinemas (Junhao Entertainment, American cinema line giant)

Baskin Robbins, one of the world's largest ice cream distributors

Crate and Barrel (American fashion home brand)

Nordstrom (Nodstrom, US high-end department store chain with a market capitalization of $6.283 billion) reports that these retail and entertainment giants will accept cryptocurrency payments from customers through the Spedn wallet developed by digital currency startup Flexa, supporting BTC, BCH, GUSD and ETH. Flexa itself has also developed the blockchain network "Flexa Network" and the encrypted digital currency flexacoin.

In the Flexa announcement, it mentioned, "In the past year, we have established new connections with point-of-sale terminals in tens of thousands of merchants nationwide to bypass existing payment infrastructure and will be based on encryption. Money payment authorizations are directly pushed to them.” As of May 13, 2019, 30,476 stores have installed encrypted payment service terminals, accepting cryptocurrency payments or providing customers with the convenience of purchasing encrypted assets.

Flexa said it expects more partners or applications to access the Flexa network and will release an open source software development kit in the second half of the year so that other wallets can also integrate Flexa payments. The company emphasizes that its goal is to show the world that "the cryptocurrency is transformative in terms of payment, not only for P2P transactions, but also for retail payments, catering, etc." (Mars Finance)

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