Can the price of XRP reach $1 in the coming months?

Can the price of XRP reach $1 in the coming months?

Bitcoin (BTC) rose sharply and hit a record high yesterday. The rise in bitcoin prices has driven other altcoin markets, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), British Dollars (BNB), and other digital currencies to a new high. In this market volatility, there is no big fluctuation in the Ripple (XRP), and the price of XRP is only in a small range.

Although other digital currencies have broken recent price forecasts, the price of XRP has not been affected in the near future. This may be because there is nothing to benefit from the XRP message and thus his price increases. However, today there seems to be a news message benefiting from XRP, and the price of XRP is just beginning to rise.

How much can the price of XRP be pushed up?

NASDAQ Global Index Data Services (GIDS) has just added XRP to its index. The XRP liquidity index is now available on Google's NASDAQ RSS feed. The index can also be accessed on TradingViews.

More and more companies and digital asset investors are interested in XRP. Another top index platform, Brave New Coin, also decided to launch XRP on its platform, but it has not yet been released on the portal.

The price of XRP is currently rising. The price of XRP against the US dollar is expected to reach a new high in the near future, and the price of XRP in 2019 is also bullish. Will the XRP price be restored? Can the price of XRP reach the $1 mark? Will the price of XRP against the US dollar break the resistance level of 35 cents this weekend?

XRP price analysis

Previous data showed that XRP prices fell below the 33 and 32 cents resistance levels. The digital currency fell further and the transaction price was close to the support of $0.3060. The XRP formed a wavering low at $0.3060 and then began to move higher. Currently, the XRP dollar price supports a level of $0.31.

The price of XRP has soared to 31 cents recently. The price of XRP rose along with the encrypted bull market and soared at resistance levels of $0.32 and $0.3220. The price of XRP also broke through the resistance of $0.3350, and the bulls pushed their price up to 34 cents even before the XRP began to fall.

According to CoinMarketCap, the price of XRP fell by about 2% in the past day to $0.315. The current market value of digital currency is $13.27 billion. XRP’s transaction volume in the past day was $1.89 billion. (continuous chain)

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