Facebook will send money to Amazon will be far behind? AWS General Manager: Everything is possible

Facebook is sending money. Amazon is far away? AWS General Manager: Everything is possible

The technology giant is using its own blockchain technology. When asked if the company would expand its business beyond the blockchain and move to cryptocurrencies—that is, whether there would be Amazon coins or integrated bitcoin payments—AWS General Manager Rahul Pathak said at the consensus meeting that they held Open attitude.

If this is important to the customer, we will find a more meaningful approach (to achieve).

Amazon currently offers enterprise customers an Amazon Quantum Database, which actually delegates the management of the books to a "trusted organization": Amazon. He said the company is conducting internal testing for multiple use cases.

As far as our size is concerned, in our e-commerce business and web services business, we need to ensure that the records are not modified. Therefore, Amazon has been using this core book component extensively and on a large scale.

When asked about the details, Pathak said that supply chain management is one of the areas in which Amazon uses the technology.

Earlier this month, AWS's block management system AMB (Amazon Management Blockchain) was officially launched. This BaaS (blockchain as a service) platform allows organizations to develop their own networks at a lower cost and faster rate because it eliminates "providing hardware, installing software, creating and managing certificates, and configuring network settings for access control centers." "The need." Giants including US communications giants AT&T, Nestlé Global Food & Beverage Company and Singapore Exchange Ltd. have all entered the platform.

In addition, as a large e-commerce network, Amazon's payment efficiency is crucial. Last month, payment company Moon added a special extension to Amazon.com, and users of this app can already shop on the site via Lightning.

Yesterday, Amazon's supermarket chain Whole Foods also began accepting bitcoin payments, which is considered to be a prelude to Amazon's acceptance of bitcoin payments.

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