Nakamoto will be announced

Nakamoto will be announced

Since the advent of Bitcoin, there has been a fierce debate about "Who is Nakamoto." Many people even wonder if the pioneer of Bitcoin has passed away. Recently, however, McAfee said that Nakamoto is a person living in the United States.

Recently, John McAfee has a really eye-catching look. Last week he claimed to have talked with Bitcoin creator Nakamoto, and plans to announce the true identity of Nakamoto in a week. A week passed quickly, but he said on Twitter that he would postpone the plan, saying that the announcement of Nakamoto’s identity will face the risk of extradition.

Since the advent of Bitcoin, there has been a fierce debate about "Who is Nakamoto." Many people even wonder if the pioneer of Bitcoin has passed away. Recently, however, McAfee said that Nakamoto is a person living in the United States.

I have talked with Nakamoto, and he is not willing to see me announce his identity. McAfee said in an interview.

Although McAfee is the "godfather of anti-virus software", his ridiculous and unstable behavior in recent years has somewhat concealed his past. People can't be sure whether he really found the real Nakamoto. After all, this is a lot of people for many years. A feat that has not been realized.

But McAfee said in an interview that he spent the rest of his life tracking hackers, which made him very suitable for this task.

“Everyone has forgotten that I am a technical expert and one of the best technologists.”

In the postponed post, he also attached a letter from his extradition lawyer, Mario Gary, stating that the announcement of Nakamoto’s true identity may make him the target of the lawsuit, and he will have to defend himself in many ways.

At this time, the announcement of Nakamoto’s identity may affect the trial and bring me extradition risk. I can't take this risk. I will wait for the opportunity.

John McAfee founded McAfee in 1987, although the company has changed hands. In recent years, McAfee has been investing in digital currencies and promoting paid projects on his own Twitter. In addition, he is still running for the US president.

What if Nakamoto did indeed happen in the world?

May cause trouble for Bitcoin transactions. Nakamoto is considered one of the largest holders of Bitcoin. The current circulation supply is about 17.6 million, and he may have nearly 1 million bitcoins, which will be worth $5.6 billion at current prices.

In the past 10 years, this part of Bitcoin has not been transferred. Most people think that Nakamoto has died. The theory was supported by a lawsuit: a Florida man filed a lawsuit alleging that he helped invent bitcoin, but Nakamoto was no longer alive.

If Nakamoto did not die?

McAfee said that Nakamoto wrote a Bitcoin white paper in 2008 and then worked with a group of people to develop Bitcoin the following year.

If Nakamoto does not die, then this part of the bitcoin may enter the market, which will put tremendous pressure on the price of bitcoin. It can be seen that every time the Mentougou Exchange (the Japanese Bitcoin exchange that was hacked in the early years) sold Bitcoin to repay the creditors, the price of Bitcoin fell.

The question of who Nakamoto is who has been circulating for many years. Both The New York Times and The New Yorker are trying to find the people or teams behind the pseudonym. In the cover story of 2014, Newsweek determined that the real Nakamoto was a California physicist, but was denied by the parties. In the 2016 blog post and interviews with three media, Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright also said that he is Nakamoto. However, McAfee told Bloomberg that Wright was not the one he found and talked to.

He said in an interview: I have been tracking the best people in the world and hiding their identity throughout my life. Finding Nakamoto is a piece of cake for me.

Is it blowing leather, or is it really available? It will be visible at that time. (Mars Finance)

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