V God has given money again, this project looks like a promising future.

V God has given money again, this project looks like a promising future.

Ethereum V is particularly interesting. I remember that last year, in response to a post on Twitter, V God donated $300,000 in bitcoin to support three blockchain companies. Look at the investment of V God: If you don’t agree, you can make money. It’s V God himself is right!

This year, Ethereum's actions are also quite a lot. V God is not calling for abandoning the early password punk individualism, but is a higher interest reward for the upcoming ETH pos algorithm. Now the bull market is just around the corner, V God is spending a lot of money (2000 Ethereum) at the moment. New projects seem to be very sensible. How is this project? Let’s take a look!

Recently, two of the most famous big cattle in the blockchain, Joseph Lubin and Vitalik Buterin, invested in a decentralized organization called Moloch, or DAO. DAO founder Ameen Soleimani publicly announced that the project has received a total of $1 million in funding.

V God has given money again, this project looks like a promising future.

Specifically, Lubin and V God donated $1,000 in Ethereum, respectively, and ConsenSys and the Ethereum Foundation also contributed generously to contribute $2,000 in ETH. The DAO white paper shows that the development of the next generation Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum 2.0, is the ultimate and urgent task of the project.

DAO highlighted the main objectives of the project and stated that “our goal is to accelerate the development of public Ethereum infrastructure. Many teams need these infrastructures, but they do not want to save their own money. So by bringing together our ETH, it is based on the Ethereum foundation. The team at the top can work together to support open source work that we believe is in our common interest."

V God has given money again, this project looks like a promising future.

Lubin and V God and the 20 donation members of the ConsenSys Ethereum Foundation will be voting as members of this decentralized organization. The fund proposal can be submitted by each member and approved by all members in accordance with the internal voting system.

Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys, is very optimistic about this project. His venture studio in Brooklyn, at the Ethereal conference, said that “DAO is a very innovative structure. I hope it will develop rapidly and become the whole An important factor in the development of the ecosystem of the etheric field."

Earlier this month, US-based encryption company ConsenSys was reportedly raising $200 million to rebuild its business. In 2018, ConsenSys struggled with a revenue of only $21 million and the company was forced to lay off 13%. However, other managers are optimistic about this year, especially Ethereum. (Cheese life)

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