alarm! "Cottage season" is coming?

alarm! "Cottage season" is coming?

Analysts believe that many altcoins will soon explode, and the "cottage season" is coming soon!

From the 10th to today, the pie is arrogant 30%, breaking through 8,000 dollars. Beginning in the early hours of the morning, the mainstream currencies such as Ethereum, grapefruit, and spicy strips started to make up the trend, and the airdrops were miserable.

Although most of the altcoin has been sideways since Bitcoin soared, according to today's trend, analysts believe that many altcoins will soon explode, and "Altseason" will come soon!

"Carnival" in the cryptocurrency market

Since 2017, in the cryptocurrency market, there have been two waves of "cottage coins", which we call "Altseason" (cottage season), which is the "carnival" of the cryptocurrency market. This is a scene that has never appeared before 2017.

In the first half of 2017, with an uninterrupted upward trend, 90% of the altcoins have risen several times. The concentration of the altcoin currency broke out and gained huge profits in about 10 weeks, accounting for 19% of the 2017 cryptocurrency market. In January, April, August, and October of 2018, the cryptocurrency market also showed a "cottage season."

In the “cottage season”, the market share of Bitcoin has gradually decreased, and the dominant trend has gradually weakened. Most people in the market have very positive emotions about “cottage currency”. In order to earn more bitcoin and French currency, investing in altcoin at this time may make you earn a lot of money.

So, how can we confirm that the "cottage season" is coming?

How did the "cottage season" appear?

Usually, the “cottage season” generally occurs when bitcoin prices stabilize. At this time, the stability of Bitcoin will give investors more confidence in the altcoin market.

Fundamentally speaking, the “cottage season” is a kind of market sentiment. The strength of Bitcoin’s continued rise has mobilized the sentiment of investors. When bitcoin prices reach a certain high point, prices tend to be stable, and many investors will Bitcoin is exchanged for altcoin. At this point, bitcoin price volatility decreased and the altcoin currency began to skyrocket. That is to say, in the "cottage season", the speed of bitcoin price rise does not win the altcoin. It can occur during the bitcoin rise and during the bitcoin decline.

The two "cottage seasons" in the history of cryptocurrency are in the spring and summer of 2017 and the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018. In January 2017, the upward trend of BTC was obvious. The cryptocurrency market began to be enthusiastic, and the first “cottage season” appeared. At that time, the market value of cryptocurrency was only 30 billion US dollars, and the volume was too small to attract people's attention.

alarm! "Cottage season" is coming?

The market value of cryptocurrency in the two "cottage seasons" < /> The second "cottage season" appeared after the BTC won 20,000 US dollars, and the enthusiasm of cryptocurrency reached its peak. The aunt and aunt around him also began to pay attention to Bitcoin, and all the altcoins broke out from the bottom.

From the time before and after the two "cottage seasons", Bitcoin is an obvious target. When more and more people buy bitcoin, bitcoin is absolutely dominant in the market; and as more and more people sell bitcoin, bitcoin dominance declines. If the dominance of Bitcoin continues to rise, then the altcoin is a very unwise choice. The performance on the price is that bitcoin has risen and the altcoin has fallen.

That is to say, when the dominance of Bitcoin fell, it was also the best time for the altcoin, and the “cottage season” appeared.

alarm! "Cottage season" is coming?

Different market behaviors based on trend changes <br /> In fact, in March and April this year, a small number of altcoins began to double the market independently, but at that time the market was unstable, the trend of Bitcoin was not clear, and there was no scale. Cottage season". After Bitcoin has risen for more than a month, many analysts believe that the next bitcoin gain may begin to cool down, and the altcoin currency will start to soar, thus raising the value of the entire cryptocurrency market. Because the current market value of the altcoin has exceeded the market value of the “cottage season” in 2017.

alarm! "Cottage season" is coming?

The market value of the cottage currency "cottage season" is coming?
It should be noted that the dominant position of Bitcoin is similar to that of the Standard & Poor's Index. The possibility of assessing the sharp decline in the dominance of Bitcoin is important for determining the “cottage season”. According to foreign network analysts, the 50% dominant level is the key point of Bitcoin. And since the beginning of the year, the market has already had signs of “cottage season”.

alarm! "Cottage season" is coming?

Bitcoin has been at the leading level of 50% since the beginning of the year . See above, December 19, 2017 is the last time Bitcoin dominated the 50% level. In the following month, the cryptocurrency market welcomed for the first time. A big outbreak of the altcoin came. The same routine was repeated in August and October 2018. Since the beginning of this year, Bitcoin's dominant position has been hovering around 50%, and today's figure is 56%.

At the same time, in the previous two cycles, the cryptocurrency market has verified the “cottage season” of “French currency → Bitcoin → Altcoin currency”.

alarm! "Cottage season" is coming?

"Cottage season" regular cycle chart <br /> You can understand "French currency → Bitcoin → Altcoin currency", the bear market chooses the legal currency to avoid the market downside risks → the market is warming up, the early bull market, the bitcoin leads the market, the altcoin is basically horizontal → The bull market broke out completely, not because bitcoin did not rise, but the altcoin broke out from the bottom, and the market doubled.

This year, the dominant position of Bitcoin has been steadily continuing for half a year, and most of the time is based on the rise of Bitcoin. And once bitcoin's rate of decline slows, the dominant position is greatly weakened, the altcoin will rise rapidly, and "running" will exceed the previous high.

alarm! "Cottage season" is coming?

Bitcoin dominance duration <br /> It is difficult to say exactly when the next "cottage season" appears, but it is very clear that the cycle is usually longer than expected and occurs faster than expected Fast, now is the time to prepare for the "cottage season." (UP chain parameter)

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