May 17 people madman market analysis: two features of the disk leaked the main operating heaven!

May 17 people madman market analysis: two features of the disk leaked the main operating heaven!

Market analysis

Although bitcoin has fallen sharply, it does not mean that the top is formed. It is good to be able to avoid this. If you don't avoid it, don't panic. There are two characteristics that deserve our attention.

The first is that the fall is particularly fast. This is not a shipping method. If you are a big fund and want to complete the shipment, it is definitely not a direct sell-off, but a continuous increase in shipments – pull-up shipments – platform shipments. Although there are signs of shipping in the previous high position, it is certain that it has not finished yet. The main purpose of this wave of falling so fast is to explode more than one. Otherwise, if the futures are fat, the spot will be directly arbitrage by contract. Buried in, so it is necessary to wash away more than one single, this rapid plunging has played this role, the main purpose is not to sell.

The second is that the mainstream has not fallen much. According to the previous increase, it has fallen by 10% today. This is not the number of people. Most mainstream currencies have not fallen below the 5-day line. If this position is ran, That market is all making money, illogical, so we must continue to deceive people to enter.

In the two days of exchange wallet address changes, we can see that both USDT and BTC have entered a large number of exchanges, which is also the old way of short selling profit, so yesterday mad talent dare to tell everyone directly in the title The bag is safe to avoid such a trend.

In the short term, since Bitcoin chooses to sell the market, it is necessary to explode or wash the car out of the bulls. Therefore, after a short rebound in the short term, there is still room for retreat. You don’t have to rush to the bottom, and then stabilize and look at it, strong support 7100, 6800, when rebounding Carefully study the situation of long-term replenishment. If it is not strong enough, we will not easily bottom out.


At the daily level, there is a heavy volume of yin yang, which is a short trend. It is expected that there will be a small rebound near the 5th line today. If the rebound cannot form a new high, you can consider lightening the position.


Linkage callbacks can be gradually involved in small amounts.


Today's decline has eaten up the gains of five days. This is the currency that the funds don't do at the high level. Once they fall, they will let the chasing highs do their best. If they rebound, they can lighten up their positions and temporarily avoid them.


The volume will fall, and there will be a rebound expectation in the short-term near the 5-day line.


The trend is basically the same as the mainstream currency, and the bull market terminator has not re-entered the independent market.


Yesterday, we took the lead in mass trading, and the overall high-selling willingness to sell was strong.


High-level breaks, mainly to tie the pie, and then come to such a big Yinxian, you can consider copying some.


It is said that PIEXGO will launch a project of IoT concept such as MXC, IOTX, IOTA, etc., which has a deep consensus on cooperation. The three communities have certain strength, and their ecological energy brings some traffic to the exchange. The lockout financial management mentioned earlier started to purchase the financial management quota at 8:00 tonight, with an annualized 12%, and the income is settled in USD. For details, please click below to read the original text.

The market is changing rapidly. The people who are still shouting offensively yesterday are buried in minutes. The fall of the day will make you dry for a week. If you go down for 2-3 days, it will directly cause people to collapse. This is our currency circle. Opportunities and risks coexist, knowing that the whole body will retreat, and those who fear the market can go further.

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