Now the empty position is completely panic.

Before the article was written, the index market sentiment index was specifically queried: the greed & fear index (FGI) was greedy 71, and yesterday was 60, as shown in the following figure:

Another noteworthy is the USDT premium effect:

The above picture shows the Sina USD exchange rate stable at: 6.7144

Figure 2 shows the USDT off-exchange exchange rate hits around 6.89.

There are indications that the new market has begun.

Now it’s the turn of the short position. I made a small investigation on Weibo some time ago. Does anyone think it is a bear market? Most people just think that the market is rebounding, so is it really a rebound? How strong is the rebound?

In fact, the straightforward point of speaking is that whether the bull market or the rebound can make money is the real good market. Sometimes the inertial thinking is basically the most deadly factor.

Indeed, the bull market is unlikely to come so quickly, and the bull market is constantly brewing in the rebound, in which we can see the psychological changes of the holders and the skaters.

Game market for positions and short positions

Position holders are divided into: quilt cover, short-term, long-term and new leeks. The quilt is not willing to cut the meat, the probability is from the 2018 to the present, at least 5 times the increase to have the opportunity to solve the problem, basically will not move again, of course, not including the short-term, the bull market in the short-term operation is as good as the long-term As the bull market pulls up, it does not judge the value. Long-term nature does not need to say more, bitcoin and mainstream currency insists that the price will not collapse. The main strength is from the long-term, interesting is the new leeks, the so-called new leeks enter the basic trading mode is three: buy buy Buying, which one is cheaper to buy, seems to be understandable now. After all, it is a small and big mindset that you and I have experienced.

The position of the position, the constant change, the market sentiment just got up, the less the better, if there is no short-term operation experience, it is recommended to operate less, wait for the wind.

Those who are vacant can intervene in the mainstream currency, bitcoin is pulled up to 5000$, and the probability of the mainstream currency rising is increasing. Trading is the most taboo mentality imbalance, once the mentality is out of balance, the operation must be full of mistakes.

Trading mode

Novices die from chasing high, and everyone entering the market has something in common with what I said before and in the stage of life. Most of the new leeks come into the game and like to chase the high, keep on the plate, but when catching a certain currency breakthrough, Mancang Stud is their behavioral portrait. It is undeniable that you are lucky in the early stage of luck, but you need to be reminded that chasing high and making money is the opportunity given to you by the market. Don’t lose yourself. You are confused by the skyrocketing fantasies. You think you are smart and even think that you have To beat the market, you are still too young.

The veteran died in the air, because the veteran who has been educated by the market, learned to be cautious, cautious is certainly right. Conservatism is a bit of a problem, so that every time the market rises, they feel numbly that the market is tempting, and they continue to strengthen their self-mode. They believe that they will definitely fall below the historical low. Even if Bitcoin hits a new high, they will directly turn into bitcoin. Brain black.

Feel free to adjust market expectations

The market is constantly changing, as people's hearts will constantly change. There has never been a behavioral pattern to take all.

Trading Sense, the German philosopher Nietzsche puts forward the eternal reincarnation theory according to the conservation of energy: life, as you have experienced and experienced, you will experience it again and again and again; there is nothing new, but every pain And every joy, every thought and every sigh, and all the insignificances and greatness of your life, as each of your actions is no longer an isolated fragment, but a fragment of the cycle of reincarnation, where repetition and Condensed the history of all events. In contrast to the trading market, in the currency trading game, even if the price is not as normal as the K-line chart, it is simple to repeat. After all, the year of the leek is different. It is necessary to emphasize that the psychology of the leek is always the same, engraved in the gene. The behavioral cognition in the game is constantly changing in the market.

It is more difficult to convert and change yourself than to change the world. The lessons learned in previous experiences of success or failure are essentially worthless to the future. If you really have to say that a value is an expected change to the self, understand your ability circle, what can touch, what can't be done. The market is expected to be transformed by some people, the public is not felt, according to the above FGI index, the USDT premium and the activity level of the major WeChat groups can be seen.

Time window, market rise is the process of climbing, there is definitely a chance of callback in the middle. Once the time is empty, the mentality changes, and the mood of rushing to get on the bus can be understood. Bitcoin skyrockets, mainstream currency rises, and the altcoin flies. For example, last night's Litecoin and BCH stagflation, trial and error, often avenue to Jane, playing with the platform currency, or have not seen the increase in mainstream currency, excusable.

An empty position is uncomfortable. An empty position is a moat in the transaction. Once there is room for recovery, I observe that a large person has never had the habit of emptying. It is a weak currency. The bull market does not rise or fall, and the bear market does not rise or fall. There is no value for any hype. It is a pity to miss the entire bull market. For example, in the second half of 2017, I held a certain currency in the whole process of the market, and the transaction volume was sluggish. I kept the money with the shrinking turtle and I paid the cost of money and time. Finally, if you don’t double the price, you can sell it, but it’s a pity to think about it now.

in conclusion


Empty positions are not terrible, keep a mentality; empty cup thinking, seize the opportunity at any time. Don't fall into the trap of a day without worry, the panic in the heart, the market game is a psychological game, who can withstand loneliness and pain to have the chance to become the final winner, the final win is to win.