Using Bitcoin as a weapon, the company plans to fork all Silicon Valley projects.

Using Bitcoin as a weapon, the company plans to fork all Silicon Valley projects.

The plan for the Gab forked Silicon Valley project did not end with Brave.

This social media network advocating free speech is adjusting its development strategy. Gab's business has moved to a new model: find open source software projects, remove some of the features that come with these projects, and replace them with "free speech currency" bitcoin.

For example, Keybase, a social media identity and file management network, announced that it will integrate Stellar wallets on its own encrypted chat platform.

But Gab quickly grabbed the limelight, saying that it might fork the Keybase as it did for the open source browser Brave a few weeks ago.

After Keybase announced the news, Gab CEO Andrew Torba posted on Twitter that his company "can't wait" to replace Stellar with Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallet.

Torba said that this is an area that Gab is seriously exploring.

"It might make more sense to fork other encrypted chat items, but Keybase is my personal favorite. Their client applications are open source, so it makes sense to at least take a look."

As for why Gab wants to create a clone of Keybase, Torba says: Why not?

“Why does Gab not want its own encrypted chat platform? We can replace our DM system with a fully encrypted communication tool, which will be a victory for users and privacy.”

From "tweet alternatives" to developing your own web browser, and now building an encrypted chat platform, Gab's new trajectory is clear – a strong turn to bitcoin may have to do so to a large extent.

Since its launch in 2016, Gab has been tolerant of all claims on its social media platform (within the scope of US law) and has been blocked by more than a dozen Silicon Valley service providers, including Stripe, PayPal, Square, BitPay and Coinbase. Wait for the payment processor.

In October 2018, the behind-the-scenes ambassador of the Pittsburgh Synagogue was still an avid user of the Gab platform, a controversy that sparked debate about the limits of online freedom of expression and whether the online platform for such statements should assume partial responsibility.

Since then, more and more technology companies have not wanted to relate to Gab, including the crowdfunding platform StartEngine. Torba plans to sue StartEngine, saying it will kick out its company without refunding the fees. Dealing with payments in Bitcoin has become part of Gab's core business, and finding creative ways to prevent “silenced” has reshaped Gab's business model.

Now, "Gab is a software company that promotes freedom of speech," Torba said. "We may have started with social networking products, but we quickly realized that in order to continue to grow, we also need to develop access technologies, such as web browsers, to talk about free products."

However, Gab's CEO said his company is not in a hurry to create its own encrypted chat platform and “has plenty of time to explore and research opportunities.”

In fact, Torba last put forward the idea that it might fork Brave and create Gab's own web browser to prevent its sidebar comment plugin from being disabled – four months later, Gab launched a free speech tour. Dissenter.

Gab's Brave forklift removes Brave's token BAT and other ad network features, with the ultimate goal of integrating the Lightning Network Wallet. Torba said:

“We have a good relationship with a large company in the circle. We are working together to attract users and enhance the experience, which is often overlooked in the field of cryptocurrency.”

Although Brave CEO Brendan Eich is not optimistic about Gab's fork in his browser, Torba said that the Dissenter browser has received a lot of positive feedback so far. Although Gab can't give an accurate number of users, Torba said that since the release of the beta last week, the download data shows that Gab has more than 25,000 users.

As for Gab's future goals, Torba seems to be clear and not remorse:

“Our company's new strategy is simple: fork the open source project and expand our team size in this way, adding hundreds of new engineers, removing junk coins from these projects, and adding free speech currency: Bitcoin."

Torba said that Gab intends to fork Keybase in order to promote this concept: Stellar is a garbage coin.

“This is an attempt by Silicon Valley elites who missed or ignored the early bitcoins, they tried to pull up a useless currency, and Bitcoin would inevitably make it even more useless.”

To prove Stellar's "elite sin", Torba pointed out that Stripe has 2% of Stellar, Y Combinator president Sam Altman and other "Silicon Valley insiders" or Stellar Development Fund board members.

"We don't want to be related to this garbage, which is why when we decided to fork the Keybase, the first thing we had to do was to remove any traces that Stellar had, and instead integrate a Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallet."

While Gab's creation of its own version of Keybase is commercially meaningful, it's not hard to see some personal reasons. At the end of 2016, Torba was fired by Y Combinator's alumni network, and he blamed Altman for his responsibilities. He said at the time that Altman was always looking for "any viable way" to get him out of their ranks.

Regardless of the cause, Gab’s war against Silicon Valley is in full swing – using Bitcoin as a weapon.

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