Analysis of the madman market on May 20: Investment technology is the magic weapon to make money in the future

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Looking at the long-short ratio of futures, as the market rebounds, the bulls grow again and go to higher risk areas. When the long-short ratio reaches above 1.5, the price of the currency is more likely to fall back, and now the long-short ratio It has reached 1.9. From this indicator, it is an area of ​​extreme risk, and it also shows that the market sentiment is very high.

Analysis of the madman market on May 20: Investment technology is the magic weapon to make money in the future

From the daily view, the price of the coin has hit the 8200 area for the third time. The position has left a large number of sets of locks in the previous two times. The rebound amount of this round can not be as high as the above, so it is difficult to make a direct breakthrough. If you can resist the decline, the market will still go out of the new high market. At present, the overall momentum of the bears is not strong, so the madman believes that the market will continue to fluctuate in the 7750-8200 range, short-term and long-term difficult to win, high Cast low and suck.

Analysis of the madman market on May 20: Investment technology is the magic weapon to make money in the future


The overall rebound is not as good as Bitcoin. Bitcoin has reached a new high, and ETH is still on the waistline of the big Yinxian. Therefore, it is a weak linkage, and the amount of energy is relatively poor. Under the pattern of bitcoin shocks, Ethereum still falls. expected.


Today's high and low, the overall amount is not large, this round of the market as long as it does not fall below the 10-day line is temporarily held.


Continue to be weak and not participate in the short term.


The faucet failed to create a new high, and it was tempered, and then fading. After three times, it was harder and harder to break through.


Weak linkage and no participation.


Continue to change hands within the scope of the fall, and hope to continue to be strong after the change, temporarily held.


Opened the independent market, continued to increase the volume and hit a new high, the 5th line can hold the currency, DASH is the anonymous coin leader, although there are plate effects, but the other two (XMR, ZEC) is still very weak, so don't participate.

The overall decline of the small coins is not the focus of capital attention. It is still recommended that you only play mainstream coins and hold those air currencies that have no fundamentals. Once you are stuck, you really have no confidence in your heart.

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