DAPP evaluation 丨 block war: run! There is a big block to stare at you!

Today I am introducing you to a small game on the main body – block war blockwar . The game was launched in April this year, less than two months on the line, has become the most lively game on the body (according to DappReview), what is the end?

According to the official introduction, this is a "hard core" version of the block devour game. Simply put, it is the entertainment game of the big block "eat" block. There are also reasons for calling it "entertainment mini-games": First, the game does not have strong financial attributes, and can even be said to be free. Secondly, the gameplay is simple, without excessive operation and strategy skills, suitable for leisure time.

First, the game rules and gameplay introduction

Open the game to see, the page is very simple, consisting only of the leaderboard, countdown, prize pool, block section and other parts, click "Help" to see the detailed rules of the game. The general rules are as follows:

(1) The player creates a block and gains energy by constantly consuming other blocks;

(2) Any fees paid by the player, 80% will be placed in the prize pool, 10% will reward your inviter, and 10% will be used for the daily operation of the development team (if there is no inviter, 90% will be placed in the prize pool);

(3) Each round of game time is 24 hours, the block ranked first will receive half of the prize pool, and the other players will divide the other half by energy value (provided your block is still "alive");

(4) Get a free game opportunity once a day, and spend 0.1ONG each time after the free chance is used.

How to play specifically?

The first step is to log in to the game and create your own block. There are currently three skins to choose from, namely, colorful skin, love machine LDR, Isaac (this skin name is somewhat random), you need to pay 1ONG, 2ONG, 3ONG, respectively. The advantage of choosing skin additive is the phagocytic area. The block can get the energy of the corresponding multiple. Slum players can also choose to have no skin blocks.


The second step is to observe the situation in the area. When there are too many players in the area, you can choose to “escape” and randomly escape to the new area. The official advice is that novices can develop slowly in areas where there are no players, but it is more difficult to go to the New World without players by random means, but for players who are lucky, this may be a chance to turn things around.


The third step is to devour other blocks. There are two types of blocks in the game, the first is a non-player block (no name on the block). Such blocks can only be "swallowed up". When they are swallowed, the player's own block will not split, and the "virus" will not be obtained. After the success, the player's own block energy will increase accordingly.


The second type is the player block (the player's nickname is displayed on the block). When the player block is swallowed, the own block (the main block) will split a sub-block. At that time, the main block energy is halved, and the phagocytosis succeeds 50. The probability of % produces a virus. Note: Viruses can also increase block energy.

For example, at first, my block is 300 energy. When a 50-energy player block is swallowed, a 150-energy sub-block will be split. After the success, the main block becomes 200 energy, and the sub-block needs a certain amount. The cooldown time can be merged into the main block. Assume that the virus was successfully generated during the period, gaining 10 energy, and eventually my block energy will become 360.


Therefore, before the phagocytosis block, energy calculations are needed to ensure that other blocks are successfully swallowed. When the virus is obtained, it can infect other player blocks, so that the main block of the other party is split into two blocks with two energy halved. Therefore, rational use of the virus is also the key to success.

In addition, once the game is unfortunately stared by other players and swallowed up, you can choose to resurrect. The main block (energy >100) can be revived up to 2 times, the first full energy resurrection, the second resurrection energy is halved, but the resurrection price remains unchanged. I also found that the ONG required for the resurrection is related to the block energy, with a ratio of 100 energy / 0.1 ONG.



Second, can you earn ONG by playing games?

For a new game, in addition to the playability of the game, most players are most concerned about how to profit from it.

There are currently two ways to get ONG rewards for this game . The first one is mentioned above. Players can increase their energy value by constantly consuming other blocks, and improve their rankings to divide more prize pools. However, this method obviously needs a lot of energy, and once it is swallowed up by other players, it is equivalent to a busy life. In addition, the game is in the early stage, the number of players is less, and the prize pool is also pitiful. Therefore, at this stage, I want to earn some pocket money with the reward of the prize pool. It is not easy!

The second way is the common invitation friend mechanism. Consistent with most DAPPs, this block war also uses a rebate method, and the inviter can get a rebate of 10% of the fee paid by the invited player, which is called the development downline. This method is an effective way for the project side to promote and pull new ones, but for most players, unless they can pull the RMB players into the market, the income is very small.


Third, summary

In general, this gameplay is relatively new, unlike most spinach DAPPs, which have attractive financial attributes . Of course, this means that there may be early user shortages, plus the current game reward mechanism for most Players lack strong appeal, so how to retain high-quality users and attract more users is the core issue that the project should focus on.

In addition, compared to other game classes DAPP, the game scene of block war is too monotonous , not to mention simple or even simple game interface, the overall game image style, block design are slightly rough, and perhaps in the scene design Some breakthroughs have been made, and other gameplay mechanisms have been added to improve game playability and enhance user experience.

Finally, the individual feels that the prescribed time of each round of the game is too long. After all, it is difficult for players to stare at their own blocks for 24 hours. Perhaps there will be new modes such as quick mode or infinite resurrection in the later stage to improve the user retention rate.

The above is the entire content of the DAPP assessment in this issue. If you want to see more blockchain and DAPP related content, you can pay attention to the WeChat public number mimacaijing.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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