Chain to 2013 – Looking back at the beginning of the blockchain business

Chain to 2013 - Looking back at the beginning of the blockchain business

“Hello, our project has recently started to promote, how can we cooperate with the “chain-to-chain” promotion service…”

"Well, wait a moment to introduce you…"

"……Thank you"

Such a simple dialogue is a daily portrayal of “chain-oriented” service to the project side, which is quite common for many people. However, time will record everything, day after day, year after year, the “chain-oriented” team has been dedicated to the coin industry for nearly seven years, and all professional services began in 2013.

In the past two years, the “chain-oriented” team has experienced the legendary experience of the bulls and bears, and still struggles on the blockchain entrepreneurship. After experiencing the bear market and looking back to the beginning, we are more determined to start a business in the blockchain field. Only entrepreneurship can ignite hope, innovation can create wealth, and we can achieve a "chain-oriented" family.

Recently, the team has joined many new colleagues. Every time I get together, I will talk more or less about the history of our “chain-to-chain” team. Every time I tell you, I am very excited. My eyes are full of flash and I am excited. Know if he/she is in the same place.

Yes, before they joined the chain to the big family, they might have just heard the blockchain and heard the story of the riches in the currency circle, but they never thought about the glorious history that the team that they had joined in the past, or that our team had done in the past. What, and the wealth story that was created before… This is the point I want to talk about today.

Those years of the currency market software startup

The "chain-oriented" professional project service began in 2013, when I co-founded sosobtc with my former team, focusing on digital currency market data. I deeply remember that it would be very difficult to get started, on the one hand because of the bear market in the years after 2013; on the other hand, there is no income, no business model, and it is even more difficult with the investment of products. Because the early market data will be farther away from the money, the technical investment is particularly large, and the process construction costs a lot of cost. It is especially difficult to do it. Now think about it still, I thought about giving up several times in the past!

Chain to 2013 - Looking back at the beginning of the blockchain business

Even if it is difficult, there are still a lot of layouts in the currency circle. Now we see that the industry ecological structure is basically set in 2013, and it is the same for our market software field. At that time, we looked at the currency, BTC123 and the three major market software, and the other two brands are still there, but after the supervision of the Sosobtc, it is equal to the fork, although some people in the original team did not recognize it, but its There will always be people inherited, and one of them is the "chain direction" we founded.

When I set up the "chain direction", I have a lot of things to consider. After the September 4th, the country has already said that the "coin" can't do it. What else can we do? However, due to some personal feelings, we must persist in doing things: on the one hand, because I am not convinced, on the other hand, the responsibility of “relocating” the team. Therefore, after re-analysing the policy, we launched the “chain direction” and continued to start businesses in the blockchain industry.

Dancing with a donkey

I remember the establishment of the "chain direction" meeting, many industry friends to congratulate, I know that this congratulation is not only for our "chain", but also for the entire "coin circle" to celebrate, by congratulating the "chain direction" to The “rebirth” of the currency circle has some hopes, because after the September 4th, everyone in the country does not know what will happen in the currency circle. Many currency companies have “goed out to the sea”, and we have “the bandits” in the domestic block. Entrepreneurship in the chain industry is like dancing with “镣铐”.

Chain to 2013 - Looking back at the beginning of the blockchain business

Looking back at the beginning of the chain, sosobtc was castrated, ico365 was closed. At that time, I was like a beast watching the prey being taken away. It was very unwilling and very helpless, so I decided to take the business of sosobtc and ico365. Going back again, the result is the same. I set this kind of business, even if I walked on the red line, I am now right. "Chain direction" is a combination of sosobtc and ico365, but it is more in line with policy requirements.

The world of blockchain has changed very quickly. The September 4th incident has been almost two years away from us. We have forgotten the painful confusion of the meeting and forgot the pressure process in the face of supervision… but still remember the initial heart, the new team new The weather continues, and we believe that the blockchain is our future.

Chain to 2019, stronger after crossing the bear market

In 2018, I set two directions for the “chain direction” and will play the following roles in the currency circle: 1. Using the ability of media services to spread the blockchain, attract more people to join the blockchain industry, and more nocoiner Become a coiner; 2. Help the blockchain project to get more support. When the platform and the blockchain cooperate in depth, and play their respective advantages, it will produce a greater win-win situation.

Time to fast forward to 2019, "chain direction" still does not forget the initial heart, will be more professional based on the service in 2018, this year "chain direction" will also come out a lot of new products and services, based on the blockchain The level market provides the project party with the most professional project services and becomes the most professional blockchain project service platform in China (the project issuance to find the “chain direction”).

Written at the end

In the past seven years, we have been very fortunate and temperate. I have never thought of the success of sosobtc and ico365. This history will always have a long history in the industry, but the latest record will appear in the “chain direction” here.

I often think that if I don't touch Bitcoin, is it still a hard-working young man, I have a dream, I never thought that I could realize my entrepreneurial ideal, and the blockchain made me find the road to wealth freedom, if all this is not What happens when I happen? What about my world? This road is a cup of bitter tea. The more I drink, the more I wake up. I have earned and lost in the blockchain industry. I have also been deceived, but I still believe in the future of the blockchain and can foresee the future of “chain-oriented”. Will be more successful.

Author Li Xiong, written on May 20, 2019.

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