May 21 madman market analysis: the mainstream direction will soon choose to have a class of coins or continue to be crazy

Market analysis

The long-short ratio is still maintained at a higher position. Due to the slight decline of Bitcoin, today's long-term comparison has decreased compared with yesterday. Recently, Bitcoin continues to be at a high level, and the trend is still strong. If the short position continues to kill, then the market outlook will be long. Continued to attack, before the madman said a formula of funds, as long as the new funds can be greater than the selling pressure of the stock funds, the market can continue to rise, the recent USDT still continues to premium, indicating that the funds are still flowing inward, while the shorts are in the high position The passage of time will become weaker and weaker. Therefore, as the shock time lengthens, the market bulls will gradually be stronger than the shorts, which will help the market to open new high space again. In the short term, as long as it does not effectively fall below 7750, it can still continue to hold the currency.

Analysis of the madman market on May 21: The mainstream direction will soon be selected. There are coins or continuous madness.

The hourly chart is doing the right shoulder, and the afternoon is still dominated by the range within the right shoulder.

Analysis of the madman market on May 21: The mainstream direction will soon be selected. There are coins or continuous madness.


The quantity can continue to shrink, the weak link is big, and there is no independent market in the short term.


The two days have been shrinking, and the market has gone round, so it continues to fluctuate.


The high position is concussed and the funds are also waiting for the direction of the pie, which is a linkage trend.


If there is a new high market, or BCH driving, so you can pay attention to the BCH trend, once again strong, you can do multi-bit.


Weak linkage.


The daily line is connected with three upper shadow lines. Although the amount of energy continues to increase, the selling pressure caused by the large Yin line is still heavy. Therefore, it is difficult to have an independent market before the bit is selected.

Today, there is a type of small coin that rises wildly. This is the sub-new currency. The characteristics are all oversold by SGD. The sub-Sincoin is relatively simple because of its position. There is no intricate Dazhuang in it. There is basically no opponent disk, so it is relatively easy to control. Because of the excessive decline, most investors are prone to panic and flee. The main force is basically no back pressure at this time, so it is easy to get out of a strong continuity. This wave of leading BTT, the leader does not turn off the fire. Others will continue to rise with the new ones, such as TOP, NEX, BLOC, TT, etc. Due to the large fluctuations of the new small currency, the risk of earnings is very large. If you want to speculate, strictly follow the 5-day line. Loss can be.

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