May 22 madman market analysis: BSV rose 300%, Ownen Cong is Nakamoto Satoshi?

Market analysis

Bitcoin oscillated around 8000 for three consecutive days, which went out of symmetry with the three days before the fall. Therefore, the probability of choosing the direction is tonight or tomorrow, as Bitcoin continues to shrink in the near future. The patience of both sides will gradually be exhausted, and the long and short battle will come soon. We should pay attention to whether Bitcoin can stand on the 5th line. As long as the volume falls below the 5th line, it will avoid risks. In terms of the degree of catharsis, the strength gradually weakens, so the new high market in the market is still expected. However, it is worth noting that the opening of the new round of this round is likely to be the last resort. You should control the position and be cautious.

May 22 madman market analysis: BSV rose 300%, Ownen Cong is Nakamoto Satoshi?


Continued upside the 5th line, today's volume can be enlarged compared with yesterday, but still can not be compared with the previous period, so it is still linked to the market, the short-term pressure is 260.


The rebound is weaker than a wave, and it is still sorted in the triangle area. After waiting for the direction of the pie to be selected, the pressure can be operated at 0.41, and the volume can be added to the position.


Continue to shrink and shock, the weak linkage is the main.


As high as the bitcoin sideways, it is the two strongest mainstream currencies. No matter who breaks first, you can do another one.


Sticking to the 5-day line shock, the short-term amount can be extremely shrinking, waiting for the direction of bitcoin.


Rushing back and falling, and continuing to be weak in the short term, the bull market terminator is not strong and is good for the market.


The same continues to oscillate, there is no independent market, if the pie breaks up, the ADA will be stronger than the big cake, so it is worth a short ambush.

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