An American man who registered with the BTC system in 2016 said that anyone can register

An American man registered BTC system in 2016. Professionals say anyone can register

For Aoben Cong's registration of the Bitcoin white paper in the US Copyright Office, some netizens found that as early as 2016, an American named Ronald Keala Kua Maria was registered with the Copyright Office. The media found that his registered work was called "AN EQUITY BASED ELECTRONIC RESERVE CURRENCY PEER TO PEER ELECTRONIC CASH SYSTEM" and claimed that the author was himself rather than Nakamoto. It is strange that He did not register the name of the Bitcoin white paper. Later, some media found that he had stolen the container for a long time, and was charged in 2001, and he also registered a lot of domain names about BTC, which is obviously a farce.

In addition, some netizens claimed to also go to the US copyright registration bitcoin copyright. According to some professionals, in fact, anyone can register any work, but if the real owner of a work finds someone registered his/her work, then he can sue in court. Jerry Brito, executive director of the encryption protection organization Coin Center, said: "Registration of copyright is only a submission form, the US Copyright Office will not investigate the validity of the application, just registration." Intellectual property lawyer Michael Cohenren also believes: "The copyright office usually does not review him. Whether it is a real author, it is more like an administrative process. As long as the minimum requirements are met, they usually approve."

So I am afraid that only the real Nakamoto or others will stand up and sue Ou Bencong to prove that he is the real author. The copyright registrant of Bitcoin White Paper will change, otherwise it will be registered with the US Copyright Office as Ronald. Some analysts believe that Ao Bencong’s move is to obtain more favorable evidence in the lawsuit of “framing that he is not Zhongben Cong”.

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