Chain Node AMA | Chang Hao: Bystack's 4-point advantage is self-controllable, national secret standard, open architecture, and duality

Tonight, Babbitt founder Chang Hao appeared in the chain node AMA, he believes that the advantages of Bystack can be summarized into the following four points: self-controllable, national secret standards, open architecture, dual consideration. (1) Independently controllable, independent research and development, BaaS based on the public chain, belongs to the operating system level of research and development, although the previous operating system is not self-controllable, but now in the context of trade warfare, the code is also subject to export control, independent Sex is especially important. (2) National secret standards. To be a Chinese market, we must support national secret standards. This is a hard condition, but in fact many public chain projects do not. (3) Open architecture, Bystack is the first to create a multi-sided side. Vapor is only the first side chain that anchors Bytom. It can launch different side chains for different application scenarios. Based on commercial points, you can launch commercial integration sidechains. Blockchain games can be launched with sidechains. The sidechains can be officially launched, or they can be third-party sidechains developed by companies and developers based on the Bystack development framework. (4) Duality, since security is an indispensable part of any BaaS, blockchains cannot be simplified as binary paradoxes, and how to balance decentralization and efficiency. For more exciting clicks: