Chain Node AMA | Founder of Babbitt: Decentralization is actually free competition in the market

Tonight, the founder of Babbitt, the AMA, appeared at the chain node. He mentioned that the current definition of decentralization in the industry is generally misunderstood, that is, only the decentralization of the state (result), not the decentralization of the process. Chemical. Decentralization is not a word describing the result, but a word describing the process. The decentralization of the result does not mean the decentralization of the process. The nodes of the botnet are scattered in state, but in the behavior mode. With a high degree of consistency, the performance correlation will be 1. No matter how large these nodes are, they will all be treated as the same node. The decentralized intention is the degree of freedom in which everyone participates in the consensus. He has the power to participate and he also has the power to quit. Under the premise of code open source and information symmetry, the degree of freedom of participation and decision-making means fairness. It can be seen that decentralization is not a new word. It is actually the invisible hand of Adam Smith: the free competition of the market.