Chain Node AMA | Founder of Babbitt: Bystack is the first BaaS with a multi-sided architecture

From 7:00 to 8:30 tonight, the founder of Babbitt appeared in the chain node AMA. In the face of netizens' question: "Bystack's BaaS, what are the advantages of BAT's BaaS in practical applications?" Chang Hao mentioned the following two points: 1. The architecture is different. The BaaS of the giants are based on the alliance chain, the private chain, and also based on the Ethereum. Of course, they are involuntary and uncontrollable. Bystack is the first BaaS with a main multi-sided architecture that is autonomously controllable. A single public chain and a single alliance chain solution are difficult to meet specific business needs. For example, in some business scenarios, the irreversibility of transactions and the inevitable modification of data are impossible. Some scenarios have high requirements for transaction speed and TPS, and enterprise versions such as Ethereum and other public chains cannot. 2. The landing scene is different. The giants' BaaS are currently in the non-mainstream business areas such as deposit, public welfare, charity, and traceability. After all, the blockchain is a subversion of traditional business logic and technical logic. They are the success of the Internet, and the success of the Internet is The drawbacks of blockchains, for example, are that they are not possible to decentralize data, decentralize computing, and decentralize account identities. Therefore, the traditional giants have a paradoxical problem of self-subversion in the blockchain. Although the Bystack white paper lists more than a dozen commercial application scenarios, our focus will be on one or two scenarios with 100 billion market potential, focusing on major issues.