Bitcoin Pizza Festival | What happened to the man who bought tens of thousands of bitcoins to buy pizza?

Today is May 22, which is a special day for the coin circle.

Today, nine years ago, it was the first time Bitcoin was priced. After that, Bitcoin began to have a real exchange value, so this day became the anniversary of Bitcoin, known as the Bitcoin Pizza Festival. .

As for the origin of the Bitcoin Pizza Festival, it is a very interesting story.

After talking about the bitcoin in the founder of Bitcoin, the people who know and use Bitcoin in the world are still very few. For a long time, Bitcoin is a discussion between those geeks. topic of.

Until, on May 18, 2010, a programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz expressed in the Bitcoin forum that he would like to exchange 10,000 bitcoins for two Papa John's big pizzas ($40 at the time), and then gradually noticed After this post, 3 days later, cryptography enthusiast jercos, 趁 merchant offers, spent 25 dollars to buy two pizzas to send to Laszlo, and received 10,000 bitcoins as promised.

Although Laszlo was posted on the 18th, May 22 was the real trading time. People chose the trading day as the official anniversary. Therefore, May 22 was named "Bitcoin Pizza Festival".

According to the price of the pizza purchased at the time, the initial price of Bitcoin was 0.004 US dollars, and now the price of Bitcoin is about 8000 US dollars, compared with the price of 2 million times , and the 10,000 bitcoins at that time are now worth 80 million. US dollars, converted to RMB is about 560 million, and the exchange of bitcoin for pizza is a missed one with billionaires.

I don't know what Laszlo is seeing the price of Bitcoin. What kind of mood is he?

Before the arrival of the Bitcoin Pizza Festival, a special program group abroad had found an interview with Laszlo.

The host asked Laszlo, and later did not regret selling so many bitcoins, Laszlo said:

"I don't regret it. It is a good thing to be able to participate in Bitcoin early. People know that I use Bitcoin to buy pizza. At the time, I didn't think Bitcoin would be as popular as it is now. I just thought it would be Buying pizza in Bitcoin is a very cool thing."

Then Laszlo said that he is no longer entangled in the past, because if you have been entangled in the past, you can not maintain peace of mind, this is not a good thing.

In the face of the reporter's question, Laszlo is now very calm. There is a kind of cloudiness and lightness. He insists on his strong attitude. He associates with him. The purpose of each of us is to make money. The freedom of the body or mind, if it disturbs the inner peace because of money, it becomes worth the loss!

Laszlo and his children

For the bitcoin pizza, someone made a comparison. The company that Laszlo bought pizza was listed in July 2004, the stock yield was 4200%, and the technology giant Google was listed in August of the same year. The stock yield is currently It is about 2228%.

Of course, although the return on investment of these two stocks is very high, if you compare the return on investment of Bitcoin, it will be overshadowed. Looking at the economic history of human beings, the return on investment of Bitcoin two million times is probably nothing. Can give it to the right.

Bitcoin has been in existence for ten years since its birth, and today is the ninth Bitcoin Pizza Festival, which will always stand as an important milestone in the history of Bitcoin.

Author: currency ring big cat

Source: Block wave