Has Aoben got the BTC white paper and code copyright? No, Babbitt reveals the truth for you.

According to Coingeek's report on the evening of May 21, Craig S. Wright has obtained the US copyright registration for the original Bitcoin white paper and most of the original Bitcoin code (version 0.1). The registration document issued by the US Copyright Office acknowledges that Ozon is the author of the white paper and code. According to Babbitt's inquiry, the US Copyright Office's official website can indeed find these two copyright registrations. Bitcoin white paper: http : t.cn/E9MQ73N Bitcoin code: http : t.cn/E9MQNcX

Affected by this news, BSV rose sharply, once from $61.93, to $195, when it was written, it was temporarily reported at $143.04, a single day increase of 135.79%.


Soon, the news sparked a hot debate in the community. Oban has "acquired" the copyright of the Bitcoin white paper and the original code. Is he really Nakamoto?

The answer is obviously NO. Coincenter executive Jerry Brito said on Twitter that registering a copyright is to fill out a form. The US Copyright Office will not investigate the authenticity of the claim, but will register directly. Unfortunately, there is no official way to challenge a registration. If there is a contention for the same copyright claim, the Copyright Office will register the names of all claimants. WX20190521-212049@2x

Since then, Jerry has also added:

"Do not register works that are not yours. My opinion is simple, because anyone can register any work, and the Copyright Office will not investigate the registration claim. Registration cannot be used as evidence. This is just to inform others that someone is copyrighted. Make a claim."

Babbitt also asked several blockchain industry experts about this matter. Hong Yining, former director of the Jinqiu Block Chain Research Institute, said:

"(This incident) is only a copyright registration, it can not prove that he (Ao Ben Cong) is Nakamoto. Copyright registration is not subject to substantive review, as long as the submitted information is true. Because there is no one before the white paper and software code. Registered, so the Copyright Office will register. He is gambling that Cong Cong has passed away and no one has robbed him of copyright."

Liu Chang, a founder of Zhimi University, also said:

“Coingeek has done a lot of similar tricks, and this time it’s the most successful one.”

In addition, Cobra, the Bitcoin.org holder of the Bitcoin official forum, seems to have recognized the view that Osbane is in the “pull”. He commented on Twitter that the BSVs on large exchanges would only make it easier for "leaders" to "pull" on small exchanges with less trading volume and artificially increase their value, which would inadvertently make reasonable. Price discovery has become more difficult.

Before the deadline for publication, the BSV has fallen sharply and is currently tentatively quoted at $112.99.