Quote analysis: Bitcoin sky map convergence concussion at the end, is about to face a change!

[Yesterday market review]

Bitcoin 15 minutes

Yesterday, bitcoin first spread and fluctuated, and then went to converge and oscillate.

If you don't look at the pattern of the four-hour cycle, it is easy to be trapped and stopped in the process of breaking new heights and breaking new lows. From this we can see that the fundamental reason for most of our losses is that our pattern is not big enough; the eyeballs only focus on the fluctuations of the very small period, thus ignoring the regular movement of the big cycle.

If it is the shock of the monthly and weekly charts, we can also see a wide rise and fall in the direction of the day; but in the four-hour level of shock, in addition to stop loss and emotional chasing, there is no The value of the operation!

Written here, I remembered that BSV suddenly surged more than 200% yesterday. One of the small partners started with 500 yuan and started to turn over 100 times and became 70,000. Immediately after closing the market, the backhand was short, and then turned over several times. Hundreds of thousands; then close the position and then go back and forth, and then double it and become 1 million. Life has been completed! Congratulations to this man!

But at this time, who can still accept it? Think about it, 500 to 1 million, two hours less than the operation, turned 20,000 times; then from 1 million to 10 million only 10 times the operation, it seems too simple. However, an upper shadow line instantly zeroed the profit of 1 million paper. If there is no upper shadow, then 10 million may really become a reality!

Here we have to sigh the cruelty of the financial market, it takes two hours from the bottom to the peak, and it takes only a few seconds to return to the origin from the peak! Everything happens too hurried!

Gradually getting rich, operating the profit of long-term flow, is more sustainable; and the sustainability of short-term riches is too bad, can only exist in luck!

[market analysis]

Bitcoin weekly chart

The weekly chart is a medium- and long-term reference graphic. We don't know if Bitcoin will go back and forth to measure the mid-term long-short watershed, but we can judge in advance if Bitcoin is still going back and forth, then this position deserves our attention!

Repeating it every day in the heart, really to that point, we can calmly send troops to station!

Bitcoin sky map

The sky map now faces a change point because the high and low points of the K line converge in turn. We have seen from history that there will be such a pattern when such a similar pattern appears.

According to history, we can predict several possible trends:

First, directly break the position, and rise to the trend;

Second, first dip into the air and then go up one by one;

Third, first attract more, then go down and go back to the plunge;

Fourth, direct plunge;

So is this time the possibility of a plunge?

A: Yes!

So guess what to look at?

A: In the background of the long-term arrangement of the daily chart and the four-hour chart, keep the bullish ideas as much as possible and do the long-term opportunities of the homeopathic; and the possible down market, missed it does not matter, even if it falls, the background of the bitcoin rise Next, it will only be more beneficial to the long position behind us!

That is to say, short-selling is not short, and for the long-term, it is more conducive to the long-term search for opportunities to open positions; if there is a four-hour multi-head shape, you can do more with the trend! (Personal opinion, not as an investment basis!)

Bitcoin for four hours

The four-hour moving average is still a long-term arrangement. Even if you want to turn into a head shape, you need to slowly turn the average line into a dead fork, so that there will be a better short-selling effect!

In summary, the long-term focus of Bitcoin in the long-term watershed area of ​​the weekly chart, the short-term four-hour moving average long position, as far as possible to maintain the "missing shorts, waiting for the rabbit and other long" ideas!

Article source: Tan Xue blockchain (public number)

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