The 9th anniversary of the Bitcoin Pizza Festival, the story that the encrypted community has to say

On May 22, 2010, Florida-based programmer Laszlo Hanyecz spent four days at the Bitcoin forum and exchanged two $25 pizzas with cryptographer Jercos for 10,000 bitcoins. “My one-year-old daughter really likes pizza.” After the transaction was completed, Laszlo Hanyecz posted such a post on the forum. At that time, Bitcoin came out less than two years ago, and the value of a bitcoin was less than half a cent.

After 9 years, a bitcoin is quoted at around $8,000. At that time, 10,000 bitcoins were worth nearly $80 million, or about 560 million yuan.

F2Pool founder Shen Yu said that it was the first time that Bitcoin was given an anchor price. After that, virtual currency began to slowly enter the real world and intersect with the physical world.

We interviewed the early participants and witnesses of the crypto-world, such as the sacred fish, He Yi, and talked about the stories and revelations of their respective "pizza."

Binance co-founder
In the 14th "Pizza Festival", we sent pizza to friends and merchants, and it took five years to go. Today we don't buy pizza in cryptocurrency, but we use it to pay. Life needs a sense of ritual, and the encryption community is also. Every year, the "Pizza Festival" reminds us that Hold lives in the currency of your own hands, and you may not be able to buy it again.
Founder of F2Pool
In the early days of cryptocurrency, everyone couldn't help but use Bitcoin to buy something. There are many examples around me, such as buying a Toyota car with 20,000 bitcoins (now about $158 million). There are many stories like this. Of course, "pizza" may be the last thing that the world has bought with bitcoin. Nowadays, "pizza" has indeed become a symbol of the feelings of the cryptic world geeks. It has an epoch-making significance – the first time it gave Bitcoin an anchored price.
Coin CMO
Every Pizza Festival, we should review this and then recognize the development of Bitcoin. In the early days, I also bought and sold T-shirts in Bitcoin. The price was more than 1 BTC. In 2012, a coin was only tens of dollars. Any decision made in the early stage is now tens of millions of things, and I can't regret it.
Founder of Bitcoin China
I think it is this kind of incident that has caused Bitcoin enthusiasts not to use Bitcoin, which has caused Bitcoin to become a value store, not a payment.
Founder of Arcblock
Pizza is a geek funny, this story is just to educate everyone to take it early and not necessarily to hold it.
Founder of HelloEOS
I have never used a digital currency to buy anything. The amount of coins is too small. It hurts me a lot. I usually pay for it in stable currency. The "pizza" event was the first transaction in the history of digital currency. For the first time, we saw that the long list of code and value exchanges was hooked, completing the first step from 0 to 1, and the remaining to Da moon only needs to be handed over to time. We are very fortunate that the first deal of Bitcoin is that Pizza is nothing else. No one doesn't like to eat Pizza, and it's right to eat.
Founder of Euro Chain Technology
Blockchain technology also creates a variety of opportunities for us, like one or two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins, but these opportunities need to be tried and tried to find them.
Founder of Heberian
I only miss the story of mining.
In a meal in 2011, my buddies repeatedly told me that they must go to "mining mines". They must dig in places with low electricity costs, and they must dig them secretly and not let others know. Later, I really went. I went to Henan to mine iron ore… I didn't know what he was talking about bitcoin mining.
There are still many stories, such as…
@廖翔 It can't bring any special information, nor will it give us any income, but buy a pizza to eat on this day, like a religious ceremony, let us keep awe in the world of encryption.
@金马 I bought a knowledge-paid member in digital currency, and I have not bought anything in the entity. The biggest problem with digital currency payments is that price fluctuations are too large and merchants need to hedge against fluctuations.
@币池女王大人 is the first time someone used him as a currency to exchange the items they needed. Bitcoin really got the soul in the white paper: the peer-to-peer cash system. Before that, it was just a toy for the technical houses. So don't laugh that 8 years ago, a fool spent a lot of money to buy two big cakes. Without the story of pizza, the bitcoin in our hands will not be the price today.
@江卓尔 This kind of fun thing I don't usually participate in, I only participate in making money.

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