After April Fool's Day, Bitcoin is back with confidence rather than price.

After the "bitcoin rose" appeared in the hot search list , the cryptocurrency industry began to feel like a bull market is coming. After April Fool's Day, the skyrocketing of Bitcoin has also given more practitioners the confidence to stick to it.

In fact, there is a long-awaited expectation that Bitcoin will have a callback this year, but I did not expect it to be so sudden. Among the current views, it is generally believed that this year will be the beginning of the next bull market .

Viewpoint 1 : The price will open up the channel each year before the Bitcoin mining award is halved .

Although this statement has only been tested twice and does not necessarily have high accuracy, most people still choose to believe this theory.

In addition, the Litecoin will also halve the mining reward in the next two months, which will encourage investors to believe that the cryptocurrency field will turn around this year. It is only believed that the halving of mining rewards will lead to a bull market view, and more relevant to the mining industry group.


Viewpoint 2 : As a variant of 1CO, IEO will once again detonate the enthusiasm of investors.

IEO is also a variant of the previous 1CO. If you think that 1CO is the project side to promote the bull market, IEO can be seen as the exchange to promote the bull market.

Viewpoint 3 : The world economic cycle is ushered in a new phase, and 2019 is the beginning of the next wealth opportunity.

Because the world economy has experienced pains last year, many traditional financial industries will recover this year. This argument is based on the economic cycle to promote the arrival of the bull market in the encryption field. This prediction comes from the famous Kangbo cycle , that is, the latest opportunity to change the wealth of life will appear in 2019.

Just because no one can accurately predict the future, we can only test the correctness of various viewpoints afterwards , and we must constantly correct the individual's expectations for the future, but all kinds of data are telling us that 2019 will not be calm.

After all, the world has changed too fast in the past ten years. Many people have not adapted yet. Now, no one can tell how much influence Internet technology has on different industries. How much more will the world bring to Bitcoin?

The emergence of blockchain technology is the product of the development of the Internet to a certain stage. But the phenomenon caused by Bitcoin is not explained by technology. The essence of its value is not from technology, but from consensus .

Perhaps because of the consensus, many cryptocurrent enthusiasts like to talk about the word of faith. The longer the cost of the industry, the higher the cost of people will move from blockchain technology to economics and sociology .

Some people recognize the value of blockchain based on logical reasoning , and believe that bitcoin will always exist as a new value carrier.

Whether it is willing or not, Bitcoin has become a sustenance for many people. In the end, it is difficult to distinguish the belief in the blockchain because of the true hobby or because there is no choice .

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