Li Lihui: The application of new technologies such as blockchain and cloud computing is reconstructing the inherent logic of the supply chain

On May 22, Li Lihui, former head of the Bank of China and head of the China Internet Finance Association blockchain working group, said at the 2019 China Supply Chain Summit Forum that new technologies such as Internet+, big data, cloud computing and blockchain Applying the inherent logic of reconfiguring the supply chain to build a new generation of digital supply chains requires addressing cost and technical challenges and addressing system building issues. Li Lihui believes that the first is from one-way links to two-way links. The past supply chain was just a one-way link from production to sales to consumption. Nowadays, the reverse link initiated by the consumer side and produced through the distribution network drive is expanding. For the construction of digital supply chain and digital supply chain finance, Li Lihui believes that the following aspects should be paid attention to: first, pay attention to cost and competitiveness; second, master the ownership of digital technology; third, promote the integration and sharing of public data resources; fourth, speed up the number Economic system construction.