Research Report | Blockchain Empowerment Reinsurance Research Report

In February 2018, the first reinsurance blockchain technology application experiment completed by the Shanghai Insurance Regulatory Commission was completed. The experiment verified the feasibility of reinsurance practice application. The reinsurance blockchain is mostly a coalition chain and is currently undergoing a transition from an open source platform to an independent R&D. The automatic execution of blockchain smart contracts, the traceability and fidelity of distributed ledgers, can help reinsurer alliances optimize cost-effectiveness and greatly reduce the management costs of reinsurers.

The application framework of the reinsurance blockchain is broad, and the reinsurance companies and direct insurance companies, self-insurance companies, banks, brokers, and special purpose institutions that provide securities derivatives services have the possibility of business integration .

In this part of the case, we mainly focus on catastrophe reinsurance, and explore the series of advantages that blockchain technology brings to the reinsurance industry. We expect blockchain technology to have more applications in the field of direct insurance in 2019, and linkage reinsurance for mutual benefit.