The data shows that the Ethereum bearish forces have grown and the PMR is at a lower level.

According to TokenGazer data, as of 11:00 on May 23, the price of Ethereum is $244.22, the transaction volume is $10,091.5M, and the total market value is $25,932.7M. In terms of futures, the current single-quantity statistics of Bitfinex and BitMEX are $138.8M. The empty single amount data is $48.0M, and the short-selling forces have a certain upward trend in the market correction. Yesterday, according to TokenGager data monitoring, the current PMR of ETH is at a low level, and there is potential for recovery. At present, the ETH on the Maker is still decreasing at a certain rate; the current market value of the ERC20 token is about 59.03% of the total market value of Ethereum, which is 1.17% higher than yesterday; in terms of the number of active addresses, the top five tokens. For USDC, DAI, TUSD, LINK, ZRX, continuous multi-day stable currency applications occupy the mainstream position.