PeckShield: Cryptopia has stolen funds, 4,787 ETH inflows

According to blockchain security company PeckShield data, in the past two days, hackers who had stolen the New Zealand exchange Cryptopia in January began an intensive money laundering operation. So far, hackers have transferred 4,787 ETHs to the Fire Exchange. . The analysis found that: 1.0x3fbaa hacker address began to transfer multiple accounts to the address starting with 0xd96ba, began to money laundering; 2. The hacker first transferred the funds to the EtherDelta decentralized exchange, and with a volume of about 500 ETH singles and BAT, ELF and other small currency pairing transactions, camouflage trading, to escape tracking; 3. Funds on the EtherDelta exchange after 14 trading exchanges, eventually spread to two addresses, and summarized to the beginning of 0x3d408; 4. Finally The summary account transfers 48 funds totaling 4,787 ETH funds to the Mars Exchange. As of now, there are 26,003 ETHs in the hands of hackers.