Zhao Changpeng sued Sequoia Capital for damages his reputation claiming compensation

According to CoinDesk, according to a document issued by the Hong Kong High Court on May 20, Zhao Changpeng has submitted an application to the court through his lawyer, suing Sequoia Capital for damage to his reputation, preventing the currency from raising funds at a high valuation, and demanding a hearing in the court. Will immediately assess the loss and hope that Sequoia Capital will compensate him. According to the official website of the court, Zhao Changpeng will hold a hearing in the court with Sequoia Capital (China) Co., Ltd. (SCC Venture VI) on June 25. Prior to the news on April 25, 2018, Sequoia Capital sued the CEO of Chang An, Zhao Changpeng, for breaching the exclusive investment agreement. On April 26, the Hong Kong High Court rejected Sequoia Capital’s application for a ban.