Babbitt column | Blockchain ecological governance needs to evade those pits

Bitcoin brings the underlying technology and brings a new way of thinking, allowing Hayek to return to the public's vision, inspiring the liberals' pursuit of private rights and opening a vast data private. Movement.

In this unstoppable movement, technology research and development is maturing, supervision and cooperation are in full swing, and the use of the case is just around the corner. Time can sweep away all the current haze.

We can be excited and optimistic to announce that as an immigrant in the digital age, we are fortunate and timely. Blockchain thinking has opened a new round of Renaissance, which will profoundly change the future social, economic, political, military and other fields. We have seen that many blockchain networks have sprung up like mushrooms, like a separatist The independent kingdom is fighting hard at the speed of life and death, trying to prove that he is the symbol of the future.

Many blockchain projects are fighting thinking, spelling technology, and landing. However, in Feng Qingping's view, the code is open source, technology can be shared, ideas are open source, ideas can be shared, and the nation is the world. In the long run, these can't constitute their moat. In the end, it is the governance of the ecological network, which is its core competitiveness.

Blockchain governance is faced with the complexity of human nature. The problem that needs to be solved is to use the systematic system to circumvent the evil of humanity, to promote and stimulate the goodness of human nature. Drucker's management emphasizes that managers are always surrounded by unfriendly environments. Some public chains insist that most of the participants are kind, and that it is dangerous because they do not do evil top-level design.

In the process of governance, Feng Qingping believes that it is necessary to pay attention to and avoid the following core issues, otherwise it is easy to fall into the embarrassing realm of "the sword is not well-equipped, and it is already a river and lake."

Governance needs to implement innovative problems in system design

Institutional design is a high-end word, and the top-level system design is a high-end position. The non-dominant temple can't do it. With the emergence of the blockchain ecological network, the people living in the rivers and lakes can also participate in the design of the top layer. In the middle, I have passed the addiction of the chief designer of reform and opening up.

Not only that, in the blockchain ecosystem, the design of the system is also the initial and most important thing, just like the original reform and development of China, Deng Xiaoping as the chief designer of the system, under the premise of unified thinking and understanding, the core The role is to establish a good system of market economy system. Under the guidance and stimulation of this system, the great achievements of the 30 years of stirring are issued.

Each blockchain ecological network, like a country, needs a set of logically self-consistent and economically sound institutional systems. This requires that each project must have or have a high-profile, well-strategic, proficient humanity and familiarity with objective laws. People, to act as the chief designer of the system.

If we use this evaluation standard to measure and predict some projects, it is obvious that some of the rushed, logically chaotic projects, the future is imaginable.

In the blockchain ecological project, the system is different from the model under the corporate system. It requires a lot of breakthrough innovations, resulting in new species, and the same is still operating around the origin of human nature. In the words of economist Zhang Weiying, these people are called institutional entrepreneurs, who are the rules of the game. According to Schumpeter's teaching, they are called creative destruction. We want to identify things that we didn't agree with, or we don't agree with what we originally agreed with.

In the system design, the core prerequisite is that the world is accessible and does not hinder the mind. Young minds can engage in technological innovation, and active personality can open the door to the community. Only the idea of ​​accessibility can play the arduous task of the chief architect of the ecosystem system. Such work is essentially the same as that of an empire.

The first contest of institutional design is a contest of ideas. In the current development of the blockchain industry, various consensus mechanisms still need to be seen. What kind of ideological system is chosen to realize their ideal country is still inconclusive, then the contest of thought becomes The cognitive game also lays the theoretical foundation of institutional design and provides sufficient nutrients for theoretical practice.

The main weapon of system design is to establish a comprehensive and advancing system of the pass-through economy. Just like a country's fiscal and taxation system, we must balance fairness and ensure efficiency. At present, the first priority is to take into account Fair, because you need to build trust quickly. In this economic system, the biggest cancerous gene is the formation of vested interests like a sauce tank, just as the BitShares Director is happening.

The first pit that governance needs to circumvent is whether it can find its own competent system designer, plan and formulate a set of top-level systems with logical self-consistent economics and reasonableness.

Governance needs to overcome the inertia of participants

Participant inertia can be divided into two areas, from core participants and broad participants.

At the beginning of the project, it is often mission and pressure to support. When carrying weights, it is easy to maintain the attitude of the stalks, just like the pine trees bite the green hills, and the wind and rain will not waver. However, as the career stepped into the wind, the innate greed of human nature emerged and even played a dominant role, and the style of Shu Shushu was gradually lost. "It’s also burgeoning, and its death is also ignorant."

At the beginning of the project, we generally do not doubt the entrepreneurial spirit of the main participants of the project. In this difficult stage, it is bound to maintain the attitude of the peacock opening, the guidance of the mission, the supervision of responsibility, and almost no governance. The problem of inertia. When climbing the snow-capped mountains, you will not see the corruption and characters in the crowd today.

The question is, how can the founding team's holding money be thawed when the project is getting better? After the entrepreneur turns into a capitalist, what will change his mentality, and whether he can maintain the entrepreneurial spirit of forging ahead, once lost. Entrepreneurship, even if you are running a business, you may not be an entrepreneur anymore. The problem of inertia will inevitably appear. The corruption, backwardness, and inefficiency behind inertia will come out, but it will destroy the good situation. Tearing the ecological network.

Feng Qingping believes that this is actually a political issue. Just as the best way to solve political problems is to be transparent and open, let the sun come to anti-virus. If all the people and property in the ecosystem can be open and honest, so that all the processes and results can be made clear to the world, the supervision of the community will make the governor Shu Shushu, so the end. In this way, not all things are determined by complete democracy. Appropriate centralism may make up for some efficiency problems.

From a point of view, honesty is not a moral character, but rather a strategy-dominant choice.

If in the ecological network, the birth of the Tosra Group is always rejected, and the emergence of vested interests is also overcome, and a high degree of liquidity is maintained, the effect of its waterlessness will not occur. Then, the inertia of the main players will be difficult to solve.

The broad participants of the community mainly refer to all other community participants except the main participants. They are the cornerstone of the ecological network, and its scale and enthusiasm for participants also determine the value of the ecological network. On the other hand, the political status quo of the real society, those who have the right to vote may not vote, and those who do not have the right to vote have seized a huge amount of voting rights. This is the abuse of resources and is related to the laziness of ordinary participants.

Not everyone has the enthusiasm and ability to participate in politics and politics. If this phenomenon is more concentrated, the governance of the ecological network will become a false statement. The second pit that governance needs to circumvent, in addition to completely evading the lax government of the main ruling party, is how to mobilize and activate the enthusiasm of ordinary participants to prevent it from being inactive.

For ordinary ecological participants, the main method of governing their indulgence is to interact with individuals according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The role of the general economic system is the primary and primary means. However, do not think that this is a panacea, everything can be solved by the pass, and in real life, money can not solve all problems.

We know that Maslow's theory divides demand into physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging, and respect (Esteem). After self-fulfilling the needs, there is also Self-Transcendence needs, but usually not as a necessary level in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, most of which will merge self-transcendence into self-fulfilling needs.

The incentive of the certificate is very core, and the spiritual satisfaction is also crucial. The former determines the scale of the ecology and the latter determines the quality of the ecology. With both hands, you can harden both hands, use the economic foundation to cater to the people, and recruit talents with honor and trust.

However, the ease of operation of software and tools is also very important, which will quickly lower the threshold, will not cause fear, the road to the simple, human-friendly tools should also be very good, like a point-and-shoot camera, the background technology is very complicated, The front end interface is very simple.

Governance needs to solve the problem of obstruction of ecological power

The current status of the blockchain ecological network, Vientiane is updated, full of vitality, "green pop tobacco outside the cold and light, red apricot branches spring." In this new industry, there is no old power that hinders its development. But this does not mean that the problem of obstruction of power will not be formed.

Even with the Bitcoin network, there has been a mining tyrant with development. The emergence of these extremely centralized business groups is not entirely beneficial, and has played a significant role in the operation and promotion of ecological scale.

In the decentralized blockchain ecosystem, we recognize the great contribution of the centralized business community, but this is under the premise of being clean and self-contained.

Once it completes its mission and wants to be God or Caesar, the door to hell opens. Analysis of many projects, in the spirit of free sharing of blockchain, doing their own private behavior, even at the beginning of the project, it is full of how to exploit, the promotion to become the stable code of the underlying code of the elite class, in fact, with the district The blockchain thinking model is fundamentally contrary. From this point of view, they are far less than the alliance chain action of the giants. The giants are selfish and frank, and they are really villains, better than hypocrites.

For many project founding teams, you don't have to be so flustered. In the blockchain ecological network, even if you can't do the sun, let the stars surround, you can also retreat to the next, the predecessor of the stars. The brightest Sirius.

A lot of failures are not due to abandonment, but stem from adherence, sticking to unrealistic fantasies, but being crushed by historical ruts. If the founding team of the blockchain project is engaged in self-improvement in a selfless manner, it may find and establish its position in the historical sky.

To be a privilege under the ecological network is a dangerous idea for the ecology, and it is also an arduous challenge for the individual. The open and transparent mechanism of the blockchain is like rolling the Yangtze River, staying up late, flowing, and any gravel will be washed and picked.

The problem of solving the invisible obstruction of power is not urgent, but it is very important. The primary challenge of solving the problem is the cognitive problem of the founding team. Choosing to be a business group is in line with the needs of reality. It is not unreasonable. If you choose to be a profit-making organization, but have the mission of being a system thinker and an institutional practitioner, the violent conflict between the two will inevitably bury the uneasiness under the ecological network. Suspected seed. This also means that a great cause must be done by a great personality, and there is little luck in front of the avenue.

The management philosophy of “King Heaven and Love People” proposed by Inamori Kazuo switched to the innovation of the blockchain industry. Feng Qingping believes that it can be understood as the sharing of interests and the pursuit of selflessness. The highest state of swordsmanship is in the hands. There is no sword, there is no sword in the heart, the sword is one, the sword is the person, the person is the sword!

The third pit that needs to be circumvented in governance is how to avoid the corrupted soil of the rigid elite class in the design of the top-level system, and to clarify the common property of the underlying infrastructure of the blockchain from the ideological cognition, and In practice, loyal to practice.

Governance needs to reinterpret the bootstrapping problem

Simply put, the governance system is a divergent terminal solution machine. Its purpose is to resolve contradictions, select strategies, unify consensus, and avoid forks. It is not difficult to reach a consensus. It is difficult to reach a consensus on a sustained and healthy approach. This means not only a sport but a system. In addition to the above, the main capabilities of the system must have the ability to bootstrap with the times.

In real life, we also have some correct understanding and understanding of the world. We are full of desire and embarrassment. Cognition may not be a problem, but confusion often lies in our inability to open our feet.

Knowing that it is one thing, whether it can be done is one thing. The Bitcoin community is clearly aware of its performance barriers, but it is still struggling and struggling.

If every upgrade is accompanied by huge costs or a high degree of risk, then if we want to maintain the continuous evolution under the ecological network, it will make people feel chilling, and thus generate resistance to promotion. This will disrupt the aggression of a community.

Moreover, birth first, perfection is the entrepreneurial philosophy of many projects, then the subsequent perfection becomes extremely important, and the establishment of an institutional system that is upgraded is the key.

In the face of uncertainty in the future, the road to perfection is a continuous process, and the Great Wall will never be built in one night. “As a spring breeze, thousands of trees and pears bloom,” is a beautiful dream. As everyone knows, the progress of quantitative change is carried out all the time.

The fourth pit that governance needs to circumvent is how to establish a system that can help the system complete seamless iteration and autonomous upgrade. This system of systems is the only way to self-heal, self-evolution, and thus immortality.

On the other hand, many projects are often ruined by the upgrade of the system, so that each iteration becomes life and death, full of love and hate, which is the failure of the governance model and the huge obstacles and risks faced by the blockchain network.

Governance needs to create the problem of the cultivation of ecological culture

What is culture? In Feng Qingping's view, culture is something that takes you off and throws it on the beach, but you still remember it. Because culture has penetrated into the bone marrow and blended with flesh and blood, it is the value that guides the subconscious. Culture is A group of people shared values.

If you want to open a store, you don't need a culture to say that you can make a profit. However, the blockchain ecological network is a grand undertaking, and it needs a magnificent pattern and a transparent vision. How far can you see how much you can achieve.

In the blockchain ecosystem, we see the cultural potential of many current projects, some tend to be marketing, some tend to be technology, some tend to operate, and so on.

Different cultural traits will determine the different trends in the future. Even if the same blue sky is on the top of the head, the same soil will be used to make different decisions.

Culture is often implanted by the leading figures of the founding team, whose congenital style influences the entire team and then rises to the cultural category. It is not just about being soft and soft, but about right and wrong.

A good culture will play the same role as a star, and it will motivate people's potential to make everyone the best. It will also create a peculiar atmosphere in the community, so that people who enter the community can integrate and change themselves. Become a King Kong warrior full of the power of justice.

Many people think that Ma Yun's extraordinary ability lies in his superb speech ability. After reading many articles, Feng Qingping found that Ma Yun's excellence lies in his superb ability to bring teams. Ali's Iron Army is Alibaba's winning secret. The formation of the Iron Army is entirely dependent on the development of Ali's belief power. In Ali's culture, I believe that what you believe is a recipe for rapid reincarnation.

The blockchain ecological network needs to be embedded in its own culture. Once the culture is formed, its powerful power will invade everyone in the community. Under the powerful cultural offensive, the operating, marketing, development and other costs will be rapidly reduced. The efficiency will increase relatively.

The early stage spelling technology, the medium-term spelling system, and the long-term culture, culture is the core competitiveness of a blockchain ecological network.

From this point of view, we can understand why Huawei only recruits employees from universities. In fact, it is also to facilitate the input of Huawei's value system on a blank sheet of paper. It also understands that only employees who closely reflect the company's core philosophy can be promoted.

In Feng Qingping's view, in the blockchain ecological network, it is worth looking forward to creating a project that is almost like a sectarian cultural environment. If you leave this community, it will be like immigration, and its difficulty can be imagined.

Disney told new employees that we would be tired in Disneyland, but we must never be bored, show a happy look, must show sincerity, and send it to the heart… if nothing can help Busy, please remember: I am smiling to receive a salary.

In a period when the evidence-incentive mechanism is still not perfect, where the third hand can't reach it, the strong cultural influence can make us discover its extraordinary benefits.

Governance needs to correctly face and accept the privacy of human nature, and establish a healthy and sustainable blockchain ecological community through the pass-through economic system. However, only interest can only build interest groups, and the promotion of the rabble can not lead the culture. Or missing.

In the short term, we need to pass the certificate. In the long run, we need like-minded friends. In the journey of cherry blossoms everywhere, we have a sense of identity.

The fifth pit that governance needs to circumvent is to ignore the cultivation of culture. As everyone knows, the moment of germination is the perfect time to implant a culture of excellence, and the demonstration of the founding team, especially the performance of the core figures. Will determine the variation of the ecological network gene, either strong or weak, or far or near.

The purpose of governance is to achieve, on the basis of maintaining a high degree of sensitivity to the external world, to be able to detect its own shortcomings in a timely manner, to keep pace with the times, to continuously optimize, to resolve community differences smoothly and harmoniously, to unify community understanding, and to form favorable ecological development. The program completes the system's bootstrap project.

Governance is not a staged work, but a continuous, endless business. There are countless tests for governance. However, in Feng Qingping’s view, the above five pits are the core and key actions. Have to check.