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This is the most popular AMA held by ChainNode chain nodes this year.

Three guests answered that nearly 200 users participated in the interaction, with more than 410 messages, the total number of questions and answers exceeded 28,000 words, and the number of 3-hour views was nearly 51,000.

On the evening of May 22, Changchun (Babbit, the founder of the original chain), Langyu (than the original chain CTO) and Li Zongcheng (the original chain CFO) at the ChainNode chain node, conducted a topic related to Bystack. Field AMA.

Bystack is the BUTXO model BaaS platform with a main chain multi-side chain pioneered by the original chain team. It is also the biggest strategy of the year and the fist product of the next 20 years . When talking about the connection between Bystack and Bytom, Chang Yu said that

“Bystack is a business solution for Bytom. Bytom is the equivalent of a bare engine, and Bystack is a car. Bystack is not a side chain, but a BaaS platform that includes the main side chain and is a 'Bytom+Vapor+ other component'.”

The AMA focuses on two topics, one is the technical characteristics, advantages and future planning of Bystack, and the other is the progress and future planning of Bytom .

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Bystack's technical features

Bystack uses the Bytom backbone as the unified Layer1, which can access different Layer 2 sidechains according to different business scenarios. Layer1 creates a consensus-free environment that is responsible for issuing and destroying assets, guaranteeing decentralization, and is the basis for transaction security and data modification. Layer 2 sacrifices part of the decentralization to greatly improve transaction efficiency and is responsible for running large-scale commercial applications.

The enterprise or user can transfer the value of Layer1 to the actual service through the primary side chain interaction protocol federation, or return to Layer1 through the relay. The complementary advantages of the two layers allow Bystack to have both the decentralization of the public chain and the high efficiency of the alliance chain or the private chain, thus getting out of the dilemma of the “impossible triangle” of the blockchain.

Q: Compared with the original chain to obtain revenue through PoW, does Bystack obtain revenue through DPoS, does it mean that BTM becomes a "PoW+DPoS" hybrid token?

Lang Yu : Not counting. BTM is PoW, and the DPoS reward is given by the operator himself . Of course, a side chain Vapor will run than the original foundation, and the reward is BTM. Other business parties are free to run exclusive sidechains, even if the rewards may not be BTM at all.

Q: Can the “consensus layer innovation” mentioned in the Bystack white paper be specifically mentioned?

Chang Wei : We are about to release the paper " BBFT: a Hierarchical Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus Algorithm ". BBFT is a derivative consensus based on practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT). PBFT (actual Byzantine fault tolerance) is one of the widely adopted BFT consensus. However, due to the complexity of O(n^2) communication, it does not scale well.

So we propose a hierarchical BFT consistency algorithm – BBFT. It utilizes a network topology to efficiently distribute and aggregate messages between nodes and provides the complexity of O(n) communications. Let the BBFT consensus algorithm have good matchability, adaptability, scalability and heterogeneity. Q: When assets are transferred from the main chain to the side chain through the relay node, the side chain presenter and the relay node are disbanded. How do the assets on the side chain return to the main chain?

Lang Yu : The relay node is actually the operator of the side chain, and the power is relatively large. The power of relaying can be balanced through a series of complex review mechanisms, such as setting a multi-signal node with a relay node of m/n, or using a consensus mechanism such as DPoS or PBFT, but the final side chain asset returning to the main chain still needs to pass. Following. We are also studying the main sidechain interaction mechanism for trust, such as through bulletproof or lightning network, but these are in the pre-research stage.

Q: Can I use the DPoS vote on the sidechain?

Li Zongcheng : If the BTM participates in the voting on the side chain, the BTM after the voting will be locked. After the voters propose to unlock the 20 days, the launch of the node campaign will lock the BTM of a certain scale.

Q: When is the campaign for the side chain super node?

Li Zongcheng : The plan for the super-node campaign will be officially released in early June . The announced plan will have detailed number of nodes and reward rules. The principle of designing the consensus node is to first mortgage a certain amount of BTM before it can be eligible to participate in the consensus node election; after successfully participating in the election, the leader in the voting can become the official consensus node and the alternative consensus node, the consensus node and The alternate node will assign a mining award and the voter will also assign a mining award.

Bystack's advantage

When talking about the advantages of Bystack, Changchun classified it as four points: self-controllable, national secret standards, open architecture and duality. He further explained that

1. Independently controllable and independent research and development . BaaS based on the public chain belongs to the development of operating system level. Although the previous operating system was not self-controllable, in the context of trade wars, the code is also subject to export control, and autonomy is particularly important.

Second, the national secret standard . This is a hard condition. To be a Chinese market, we must support the national secret standard. In fact, many public chain projects do not.

Third, the open architecture . Bystack pioneered a multi-faceted, Vapor is just the first officially launched side chain anchoring Bytom. Different side chains can be launched for different application scenarios. For example, based on business points, commercial credit sidechains can be launched; for blockchain games, game sidechains can be launched. Sidechains can be officially launched, or they can be third-party sidechains developed by companies and developers based on the Bystack development framework.

Fourth, the dual consideration. Since security is an indispensable part of any BaaS, it is impossible for a blockchain to be simplified as a binary paradox–how to balance decentralization and efficiency. Bystack gave his answer: the main chain PoW, the side chain DPoS + BBFT. The main chain is responsible for asset issuance, asset confirmation, key data deposits, and asset and transaction security. The side chain is responsible for asset transactions and transfers, ensuring transaction efficiency.

Q: In terms of practical application, what advantages does Bystack have over BAT's BaaS?

Chang Hao : First, the architecture is different . The BaaS of the giants are based on the alliance chain, the private chain, and also based on the Ethereum, which is involuntary and uncontrollable. Bystack is the first BaaS with a main multi-sided architecture that is autonomously controllable . A single public chain and a single alliance chain solution are difficult to meet specific business needs. For example, in some business scenarios, the irreversibility of transactions and the inevitable modification of data are impossible. Some scenarios have high requirements for transaction speed and TPS, and enterprise versions such as Ethereum and other public chains cannot.

Second, the landing scene is different . The giants' BaaS are currently in the non-mainstream business areas such as deposit, public welfare, charity, and traceability. After all, the blockchain is a subversion of traditional business logic and technical logic. They are the success of the Internet, and the success of the Internet is The drawbacks of the blockchain. For example, they cannot do decentralization of data, calculations or account identities. Therefore, the traditional giants have a paradoxical problem of self-subversion in the blockchain. Although the Bystack white paper lists more than a dozen commercial application scenarios, our focus will be on one or two scenarios with 100 billion market potential , focusing on major issues. Q: Can Bystack lead a wave?

Chang Hao : Whether to lead, this is not what Bystack wants to pay attention to. However, a main multi-side, "Layer1+Layer2" architecture or "PoW+PoS/DPoS" architecture may become more popular . Like Cardano and Nervos, Cardano is divided into a clearing layer and a computing layer. The token runs on the clearing layer and is the basis of the entire system. The computing layer provides functions such as smart contracts, identity authentication, and message communication. Nervos is divided into a consensus layer and an expansion layer. The former is responsible for the consensus security of the network, the latter is responsible for the efficiency of the transaction, and supports other Layer 2 at the same time. These projects are in line with us, but we are now closer to mature commercial applications in terms of R&D progress.

Bystack's future planning

As for "Bystack's future development plan," Lang Yu said, " Bystack's goal is to build the most compliant project in the country ." Nagase borrowed the concept of a wandering earth and revealed the development plan of Bystack in the next 15 years . He said that Bystack's development plan can be divided into five phases:

(1) Brake Age (2017~2019) : Complete the research and development of Bytom public chain and improve the application ecology of wallet, mining pool, browser and development tools. The Bytom public chain is like the drive engine of Bystack and is the core technology infrastructure.

(2) Escape Age (2019~2022) : Completed the development of Bystack's main multi-side BaaS platform and developer platform, and successfully landed one or two business scenarios with potential market potential of 100 billion.

The next three stages are (3) the first wandering era, (4) the post-wandering era, and (5) the new solar era . Since the next three phases are still far away and the targets are too ambitious, there is no need to publish them. But it can be revealed that the goal of each stage is to solve a core problem, such as restrictions on asset circulation, restrictions on software platforms, restrictions on game rules (protocols), restrictions on operating systems, and restrictions on terminal devices. The root of the problem. Changchun added, "We are now at the end of the first phase, the beginning of the second phase. Specific to the next year, Langyu has a detailed road map."

Bytom's progress

"Beyond the original chain in the Chinese market, focusing on 2B , for enterprises, institutions, and industrial terminals; the international market focuses on 2C , for individual developers." While Chang Hao proposed the Bytom layout, he further revealed the progress of Bytom, he said:

" 2G (for the government) , the promotion of 2G is point-like. We are currently building a city cloud chain in a coastal city of the province based on the original chain technology, mainly for the certification of trusted identity authentication. This should be this The city built an independent chain for the first time, and it meets the original standards. We also help all experts of the Zhejiang Digital Economics Association to record the certificate than the original chain, the mobile terminal of the certificate is queried: https:// QR code generation rules: id

In the aspect of 2B (for enterprises) , the advancement of 2B is linear. One push is the upstream and downstream of a line. For example, we have pushed BTM payments on the cross-border overseas trade of e-commerce. Currently, the world-renowned sears have already supported BTM payments. In the line of supply chain finance, we have carried the infrastructure as the infrastructure, and a chain of financial companies in Hangzhou has been carrying the cloud. There are also applications such as blockchain contracts, which are specific to an industry or business line.

In the aspect of 2C (for individuals) , the promotion of 2C is planar. One push is one piece. 2C is a headache for all blockchain projects. Because of the large capacity, high concurrency and supervision, after the release of Bystack, a multi-sided architecture makes it easier for us to do more high-frequency and large The volume of things, the Bystack white paper also mentioned, we will make great efforts in business points and games.

Q: What kind of bonus can BTM holders enjoy during the landing of the original chain?

Long Yu : In the main side chain mode, the original chain holder not only enjoys the power to get the results of BTM, but also joins the opportunity to hold BTM and contribute to the BTM community to get more BTM. We will first try to use non-financial assets and the direction of the original blockchain assets.

Q: If the country does not have a policy related to asset-winding, will it change the direction of the future than the original chain?

Chang Yan : The general direction will not change, but the posture of the asset chain will be guided by the situation . For example, starting with virtual assets, light assets, and unconventional assets, such as games and business points.

The connotation of asset-winding is very rich, and can be roughly divided into two categories: 1. Asset digitization, that is, the traditional sense of asset-winding confirmation, circulation; 2. Digital assetization, that is, the traditional data is not the asset, identity, Non-asset digital assets such as credits and brands are also assetized due to the confirmation of their rights. After the chain, they have the freedom of circulation and ownership declaration and transfer.

Premature introduction of relevant regulatory policies is also not conducive to the growth of the industry. In the early stage, it is necessary to create a growing environment that makes the industry barbaric but not crazy. Bystack has a number of initiatives on compliance, and will see results in the coming months , making it difficult to disclose progress for the time being.

Future planning for Bytom

Q: Will the country require a change from the original chain to a currency-free blockchain? If there is a day, how will the team respond?

Long Yu : Once the Bytom public chain is released, it cannot be stopped, nor is it controlled by the Foundation. The Foundation can only manage the iteration of the code , even if the miner does not want to use the code developed by the Foundation, the Foundation has no way.

Q: Is there an expansion plan than the original chain?

Long Yu : The team has been expanding more than the original chain. The goal is to reach about 100 people by 2020. Recruiters include operations, development and researchers. The whole team is a combination of production, study and research, a group of people do the current products, a group of people study the frontier theory and technology, and publish papers to participate in high-quality technical discussions.

This year, some experts and teams with international vision will join the original and will meet with you in future activities. There will also be a series of events and application releases in the future, and everyone is welcome to participate. Q: The total news of Weibo has sent a stable news of the stable currency. Does it indicate that there is also a plan for the stable currency?

Lang Yu : There are plans, so stay tuned.

Q: Is there a plan to create a decentralized exchange than the original chain?

Chang Hao: The BUTXO model is more atomically traded than the original chain. It is very suitable for establishing a decentralized exchange. We will not do decentralized exchanges ourselves , but we welcome developers and entrepreneurs based on Bytom and the original chain. Bystack is doing DEX and the official is willing to provide technical and other support. In addition, time stamp capital is also concerned about this field, similar project business plan can be sent to

Langyu : Bystack will open source Vator-based decentralized trading core module, and has a different BUTXO-based magnetic trading model completely different from other chains, and will be released later. Q: Is there a blockchain government service in cooperation with the government?

Lang Yu : Yes. It is not open now, and there will be actual results released later.

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