Lucia's double-stay brand uses everiToken technology for millions of homestays

Lucia's Shuangsu brand has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with the everiToken public chain, and will join the everiToken technology in its smart door locks to jointly explore the application of the blockchain in the B&B field. Lucia's Shuangsu brand has many products including smart door locks, one-button distribution SaaS system, and many homestays across the country. In 2019, Lucia's single room monthly net profit exceeded 2,000 yuan, with an average occupancy rate of over 80%, ahead of the industry. This time, relying on the high-performance, real-time data chain and chain dividends of the everiToken public chain, Lucia will build a complete technical solution for SaaS+ intelligent hardware + blockchain, hoping to build the world's first blockchain integrity rental community. Demonstration base.