CMC Global Marketing Director: About 150 exchanges have submitted real-time data

According to previous reports, CoinMarketCap (CMC) mandated the exchange to provide real-time data on May 1 with a grace period of 45 days and a deadline of June 14, 2019. Carylyne Chan, CMC's global marketing director, said: "Our position is not to review any information, but to present all information to the user so that they can make their own judgments and decisions about the presented data." When the exchange has enough time to collect and submit the required information, Chan replied that the data “technically should not make the exchange difficult to provide”, the 45-day deadline should ensure that everyone has enough time Join. According to him, no exchange has explicitly refused to join, and said: "In fact, about 150 exchanges have already submitted the data, and we are just waiting for other exchanges to speed up (submit) the data. "At the same time, CMC said it will further expand its initiative in the future. "Collecting data is only the first step. With a larger data set, you can run more analysis and enable new, meaningful metrics."