CoinEx goes online for a sustainable contract, perfecting the digital currency service ecosystem

On May 17, CoinEx, an encrypted digital currency trading platform, announced the launch of a perpetual contract, and opened the beta contract for the permanent contract from May 17 to May 31, and the announcement of the official launch date was announced.

The CoinEx Perpetual Contract is similar to the BitMex platform product, but is further optimized in terms of product experience, leverage and numerical settings. The digital currency perpetual contract is similar to a traditional futures contract, but the difference is that the perpetual contract has no expiration date or settlement date; the perpetual contract anchors the spot market price through the capital fee mechanism. Investors can buy long or sell short, and judge the ups and downs to get the gains of rising or falling digital currency prices.

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It is understood that the products on the CoinEx perpetual contract public beta stage have BTCUSD contracts, all contracts are denominated in US dollars (USD), and BTC is used as the settlement currency. CoinEx's perpetual contract currently supports up to 20 times leverage. CoinEx disclosed in the announcement that it will continue to launch BCHUSD, ETHUSD, LTCUSD and other contracts.

“Before going online, we have repeatedly done functional internal testing and stress testing. At present, the team's development focuses on polishing contract products, allowing users to experience the smoothest contract service.” CoinEx team technical director said, “CoinEx contract is CoinEx. A key node in the development process, CoinEx launched a sustainability contract to enrich CoinEx's product structure and build a more complete service ecosystem."

Not long ago, CoinEx announced the development of the CoinEx public chain CoinEx Chain and the decentralized exchange CoinEx Dex. It is reported that CoinEx Dex is completed by CoinEx and the wormhole development team, and the CoinEx public chain will serve Dex. In the first half of 2019, CoinEx continued to work hard to get another city in encrypted digital currency services.

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It is understood that as of the current CoinEx perpetual contract public beta has nearly 10,000 global users to participate, in order to encourage users to participate in the public beta, CoinEx will reward the top 100 users of the public beta revenue, up to 10,000 USD equivalent BTC.

Founded in December 2017, CoinEx is a professional digital currency trading platform for the world. The core team of CoinEx comes from world-renowned Internet and financial companies, including many of the earliest practitioners and investors in the digital currency industry, and has extensive experience in technology research and development and global operations in the digital currency field. With a self-developed core transaction matching system and a fast and smooth user experience, CoinEx is committed to creating the safest, most stable and efficient digital currency trading platform for users around the world. At present, CoinEx has supported Chinese and English and many other languages, serving global users in nearly 100 countries and regions. CoinEx officially announced its full withdrawal from the Chinese market early this year and continues to force the global digital currency market.