Following Tencent and Alibaba, the chain received a commercial license for Intel® SGX

The chain is licensed to use Intel® SGX to protect critical software and protect against hardware-based attacks.

Payment and Blockchain Asset Platform today announced that the chain, the groundbreaking blockchain asset mobile payment public chain, has acquired a commercial license from Intel® for use in a trusted execution environment (TEE) Use Intel® SGX (Software Guard Extensions) to build a high-performance, secure, privacy-protected network.

The nodes on the chain will operate in a securely specified address space (enclave) within the TEE (eg Intel® SGX). By using hardware-encrypted storage, these CPU instruction sets isolate code running within the specified address space from the host operating system. As a result, the TEE ensures that even the node operator cannot see the private data used by the specified address space code.

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The use of TEE can bring multiple benefits to the chain:

Local and remote authentication : The chain node or a third party can verify that the code to be docked is the officially recognized chain code;

· Transaction data confidentiality : In theory, all transaction data can be sent to any network node, but TEE can ensure that people and people (including node operators) can not peep into the original form of data;

"virtual" hardware wallet : Community nodes can use software such as Ledger Trustlet to protect the private key;

· Payment protocol optimization : TEE is receiving increasing attention in the research field of blockchain system, because it can achieve high transaction throughput and low latency with one arrow and two sculptures;

Verification of external data: TEE can be used to verify the authenticity of external data, such as data from oracle or other blockchain networks.

Kris Marszalek, co-founder and CEO of commented: “Security is critical to the promotion of blockchain assets and plays a fundamental role. We are honored to be recognized by Intel and will continue to work hard to bring Create a strong and secure network."


Founded in 2016,'s vision is to accelerate the transformation of the global economy into cryptocurrencies. Key products include: mobile wallet app for cryptocurrency purchase, sale and payment platform; metal card with no annual fee – MCO Visa prepaid card; and blockchain technology that allows users to pay for various cryptocurrencies free of charge anywhere – chain. is headquartered in Hong Kong and has a strong team of more than 120 people. For more information, please visit

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