The Tianjin Municipal Party Committee's Network Office will use the blockchain technology to jointly build the "Big Data Trusted Sharing Joint Lab"

According to the net letter Tianjin report, the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and the Beijing University (Tianjin Binhai) New Generation Information Technology Research Institute will jointly build a “Big Data Trusted Sharing Joint Lab”, which is open and efficient around the trusted sharing of big data in Tianjin. Solve the "card neck" problem of a network communication office and information island. Collaboration attempts to use the data of the supplier, demander and platform of the data to carry out the certificates of deposit, traceability, confirmation, and smart contracts through the data of the Peking University number chain technology, so as to realize the credibility and manageability of the shared data. Controllable, jointly promote the deep value mining of Tianjin big data resources, and accelerate the construction of digital Tianjin big data open sharing platform with trusted data as the key factor.