"Pizza Festival" outside | Milk powder, watches and long hair iPhone 6

Bitcoin was first given the meaning of “currency” as a cryptocurrency. On May 22, 2010, American programmer Rasler Hounets purchased two pizzas with 10,000 bitcoins. But at that time, Bitcoin lacked social recognition as a valuable currency.

Since then, in the past decade, more people and institutions have tried to verify its monetary attributes by trying to break through the boundaries in socially meaningful transactions.

Yesterday, Odaily Planet Daily interviewed early evangelists and witnesses of He Yi, Shen Yu, Xiong Yue, Yang Linke and other industries to explore the story behind the "Pizza Festival" carnival.

Today, we review Bitcoin to see more of the moments worth recording in the world of encryption, in addition to pizza.

Milk powder, watches and long hair on the iPhone 6
Chain node CEO Qu Zhaoxiang
Around 2015, the Bitcoin China exchange launched a payment product called Justpay, which docked more than a dozen merchants. The docked merchants could offer bitcoin payment options through their payment products. At that time, they tried their minds. I bought an adult milk powder on a cross-border e-commerce because it was offchain so soon.

I remember that Changchun also bought a watch on this website.

In 2014, the iPhone 6 was just released. Changchun grabbed the new model on a platform called Coincola at the time. The platform was quite famous at the time. It was the main selling point for Bitcoin, and the first platform in the world to use multi-signature wallets, similar to Alipay. .

Bitcoin is not directly sold to the seller, the platform will play an intermediary role, it seems to have spent 1 BTC.

However, the domain name of Coincola is now an OTC platform, not sure if the same person is doing it.

Later, I also tried to use Bitcoin to purchase virtual items such as domain names. The nature of playing tickets is also something I want to use. If I buy the goods again, Alipay, WeChat payment, Visa are very convenient now (just now in Spain, it seems that there is still no In the case of not accepting Visa payment, the direct paywave card is completed on the pos machine, and the small amount of signature is not used.)

Before the emergence of the lightning network, there was no particular advantage in using the experience. Before, it was a curious and fun attitude.

At the same time, in the case of extremely high expectations of bitcoin, for most people, there is no such strong meaning of paying for consumption.

The "Pizza Festival" is more of a cultural meme, and more is to pass on the information that Bitcoin has appreciated rapidly in the past few years.

Buy a T-shirt: It's time for Plan ₿
Coin letter CMO Xiong Yue
I sold T-shirts on Bitcoin on Weibo and bought them in Bitcoin. That was in 2012, and basically no one recognized Bitcoin. Several of our early evangelists simply wanted to prove that Bitcoin was available.

The T-shirt pattern I bought was "It's time for Plan ₿", which was bought by Weibo netizen "King of Money – Bitcoin". He was the most influential bitcoin evangelist in the early days. There are tens of thousands of fans.

In the 13-year Ya'an earthquake, everyone spontaneously donated hundreds of bitcoins to the 壹 fund, about tens of thousands of dollars. This is the first time that Bitcoin has appeared in the public field in China. I also donated a little. Cleared, less than one coin; 14 or 15 years to buy tickets for the conference abroad, using the bitpay platform, the platform will act as an intermediary to convert bitcoin into dollars to pay to the organizer.

It is not very straightforward to pay with Bitcoin. Although there is a lightning network, everyone expects the appreciation of Bitcoin to be very high. It is not worthwhile to pay with Bitcoin. By the time Bitcoin's appreciation is not expected to be so large, everyone has Bitcoin, and it is possible to use Bitcoin to make a purchase.

Fortunately, the first time Bitcoin is a pizza,

Not sanitary napkin

HelloEOS founder梓岑
The first transaction of BTS was that a person in the community bought a sanitary napkin purchased from Germany, so I was fortunate that the first time Bitcoin was "pizza".

(Note: BTS – BitShares, BM's first blockchain project.)

I myself sold some BTS to eat hot pot before the start of the big bull market in 2017. Later, the hot pot was worth 10,000 pieces, and I no longer dared to sell the coins.

Donations can be, buy goods are not willing

Mixin COO Mint
I have never bought any physical things. In the 14 years of the Yunnan earthquake, some organizations in the circle of the "warm seasons" of the non-profit organization donated some bitcoins, and then we exchanged them with medicines and shipped them to Yunnan. Handed over to the hands of local agencies.

At that time, I also donated some coins as a special author of the "warm seasons." At that time, I stayed in the first-line disaster area for a month, and the main dry materials were met.

Now if there is an option for bitcoin payment, what to see, what kind of general donation type will be selected, last year, Mixin donated 5 BTC to Bitcoin developers. If it is to buy general merchandise, it is not willing to haha… because of bitcoin Market prices are expected to continue to rise, so it is difficult to buy general equivalents.

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