The report shows that in March 2019, more than 50% of digital asset investors profited.

On April 4th, OK Research, a research institute of OKGroup, released a monthly market report. The monthly report shows: Investor research: Over 50% of digital asset investors profited in March 2019. Nearly half of investors believe that the overall market value will rise slightly in April. More than 88% of investors trust the exchange IEO project. Overview of the secondary market: In March, the average daily market value and daily average trading volume of global blockchain digital assets increased significantly. The overall weekly market capitalization of Top200 digital assets increased by 12% from the previous month. Primary market financing analysis: In March, there were 106 global public offerings, of which the financial sector was the largest. In addition, a total of 20 blockchain projects completed equity financing. On-chain data and Dapp activity analysis: Bitcoin chain activity, daily average chain transactions, and daily average chain trading both increased. In March, the proportion of Dapp on the ETH chain decreased, and the average daily Dapp active user EOS was the most, and TRX increased significantly. The biggest hot spot this month: major exchanges have launched IEO projects.