After the first inquiry, Shenzhen Datong was investigated and found that the blockchain technology investment in the first quarter was less than 200,000 yuan.

Yesterday evening, Shenzhen Datong disclosed the announcement of the company and the actual controller being investigated by the CSRC. The announcement shows that the reason for the investigation was not due to the fact that Shenzhen Datong and the actual controller did not cooperate in the performance of their duties in accordance with the law, and they were suspected of violating relevant securities laws and regulations.

It is worth noting that Shenzhen Datong is currently in the process of conducting regulatory inquiries. On the afternoon of May 22, Shenzhen Dashing issued an announcement to disclose the letter of concern issued by the Supervisory Board. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange is concerned that Shendatong has recently issued several announcements concerning industrial cannabis and related fields, and they have cooperated with different counterparties. Five major questions require Shen Datong to provide written explanations on the above issues. It also focused on the “blockchain technology advantage” that Shendatong mentioned many times in the industrial cannabis business.

In fact, regarding the industrial marijuana and blockchain concerns, Shenzhen Datong has not received it for the first time. Last month, the supervision also had doubts about the “blockchain technology advantage” that Shendatong called in the letter of concern.

As of press time, Shen Datong has not yet responded to this. However, the reporter noted that Shenzhen Datong had disclosed the investment in blockchain technology in the announcement, including less than 200,000 yuan in the first quarter of this year. This number is too thin compared with the amount of investment in the project of Shenzhen University.

Many times boasting the advantages of blockchain technology

On the afternoon of May 22, Shenzhen Datong issued an announcement to disclose the letter of concern issued by the Supervisory Authority. This letter of supervision has been the third letter disclosed by Shenzhen Datong in the last 10 days. The letter of concern focused on the industrial cannabis cooperation between Shenzhen Dashi and the Hanma Group, and the other two were related to the financial data and fund investment of the Shenzhen Datong Annual Report.

On May 21, Shenzhen Dashi announced that it plans to establish a joint venture with Hanma Group. The main investment direction is: traceability of blockchain in the industrial chain of industrial cannabis, construction of CBD extraction plant, industrial cannabis cultivation, industry The integration and expansion of the whole industry chain of cannabis, the research and development, production and domestic and overseas sales of cannabis-based biopharmaceutical application products.

According to Shenzhen Datong, this foreign investment is based on the company's R&D advantages in the blockchain. The advantages of the mature planting, production, technology and application of the Hanma Group further implement the company's preparations in the industrial cannabis field and accelerate the preparation. Shenzhen Datong's investment in the industrial cannabis industry has landed.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked whether Shenzhen Datong has the technical strength to engage in industrial cannabis business: “The company has recently issued many announcements concerning industrial cannabis and related fields, and all cooperate with different counterparties. Please indicate whether the company truly has industrial cannabis business. Whether there is no use of industrial cannabis hype concept in the relevant technical reserves and corresponding conditions.

The "Securities Daily" reporter noted that according to the previous announcement, the technical advantages related to the industrial marijuana business of Shenzhen Datong is the blockchain technology.

The company has repeatedly stated in its announcement concerning industrial cannabis business that its blockchain technology has certain advantages. According to the "Notice on Foreign Investment" issued by Shen Datong on May 21, "As of now, the company has accelerated the construction and R&D of the traceability system of the blockchain in the industrial cannabis field, further accelerating the construction and commissioning of the CBD extraction plant. As well as the improvement of the industrial chain, the company has long been optimistic about the broad prospects of the industrial cannabis industry and has carried out specific industrial layout work, and the company has rich technical accumulation and experience in the research and development and application of blockchain technology.

Earlier, in the "Announcement on the Establishment of the Cooperation Framework Agreement for Datong-Xin Ma Partnership Enterprise" issued by Shenzhen University of Science and Technology on April 18, a similar statement was also used in the cooperation between Shenzhen University and Tianyi Xinma: "In the district There is a wealth of technical accumulation and experience in the development and application of blockchain technology."

In terms of contact, as far as regulatory concerns are concerned, does CTS have the blockchain technology reserve related to industrial cannabis business, and is there a situation in which the concept of industrial cannabis is speculated? As of press time, Shenzhen Chase did not reply.

Received the letter of "industrial cannabis"

The reporter observed that this is not the first time to monitor the "industrial cannabis" business of Shenzhen Datong. A month ago, Shendatong was issued a letter of concern for cooperating with the industrial cannabis business.

On April 18, Shenzhen Dashing issued an announcement to disclose the establishment of a Datong-Xinma limited partnership with Tianyi Xinma. Subsequently, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern and inquired about the blockchain technology of Shenzhen Datong: the company did not mention the main business when introducing the company information in the cooperation announcement, but emphasized “the development of blockchain technology and There is a wealth of technical accumulation and experience in application, and it is required to explain.

On April 23, Shenzhen Datong responded to relevant questions and disclosed the development process and achievements of the “Datong Trusted Alliance Chain” of the Shenzhen-Taitong blockchain layout from June 2018 to April this year. It is reported that “Datong” The Trusted Alliance Chain is a blockchain-based advertising trading platform developed by Shenzhen University of Posts and Telecommunications in cooperation with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. “Datong Trusted Alliance Chain” integrates the traditional advertising business of Shenzhen Datong with blockchain technology. It is an intelligent, credible and open digital advertising ecosystem, and is an innovative application of blockchain technology in the field of digital media. Shen Datong said: "The application of blockchain technology is more to solve the problem of industry pain points, and will play a positive role in preventing data tampering, false traffic, advertising fraud and data traceability."

As for why it is involved in industrial cannabis business, Shenzhen Dashing clearly stated in the announcement that part of the reason is due to "the technical advantage of our company in the blockchain."

It can be seen that the current blockchain application of Shenzhen Datong is mainly in the advertising industry. Regarding how to participate in the industrial cannabis business, Shenzhen Dashcom has made such an explanation: it will use the block media technology and experience that it already has in the advertising media industry as the entry point for cooperation, and provide technology for the cooperation of the project in the operation of the blockchain platform. Support and provide marketing support for the follow-up promotion of cooperative projects. He also said that there are no professionals on industrial cannabis cultivation and processing. "The cooperation with Tianyi Xinma is mainly based on the technical support and financial support of the blockchain that the company can provide."

As for the application of blockchain technology to the unknown industrial cannabis field, whether it can really promote business development remains to be tested by the market.

The reporter noted that Shen Datong disclosed the investment situation of the blockchain business in the announcement.

Shen Datong said, "As of now (ie April 23), the company's investment in the use of blockchain technology has reached 4.113 million yuan, of which 3.915 million yuan was invested in 2018 and 198,000 yuan in the first quarter of 2019."

Shendatong believes that the company has not yet generated relevant income in the application of the Datong chain. Because its social effects are significantly greater than economic benefits, there is still uncertainty about whether it can be profited in the future.

Contacted the above-mentioned two industrial cannabis cooperations of Shenzhen Datong, one is a partnership with Tianyi Xinma, which is not more than 1 billion yuan, and the other is a joint venture with Hanma Group with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. Ten thousand yuan, holding 60%. The current actual investment amount of Shenzhen Datong in the blockchain is not high in the total composition of the company's investment.

Source: Securities Daily

Reporter Xing Meng