2 million gas a private transaction V God proposal you accept?

2 million gas a private transaction V God proposal you accept?

Recently, "V God" published an article on HackMD, which detailed a new design aimed at "fuzzing" user activities in the Ethereum blockchain. Specifically, "V God" proposes a so-called "minimal mixer design" that blurs its address when a user sends a fixed amount of ether.

According to the "V God", the user can trade in either of two ways. The default transaction mode is to send and receive Ethercoin from a single account, which of course means that all user activity will be publicly connected to the blockchain, or the user can also trade through multiple accounts or multiple addresses. However, this is not the perfect solution to confuse user activity on the blockchain.

As "V God" explained in his article, you sent Ethereum to these addresses, and the transactions themselves revealed the connection between them. Therefore, by creating two smart contracts on the Ethereum – "Mixer" and "relayer registry", users can choose to choose an "anonymous collection" on the Ethereum blockchain. Conduct a private transaction.

For "anonymous collections", "V God" further indicates:

"Anonymous collection is a type of cryptography that represents a user who may come from a certain group of special types of users. For example, if I send 1 ETH, but the receiver cannot determine where this Ethereum comes from, but you can tell The other party, this transaction comes from a collection of me, Alice, Bob and Charlie. Although the recipient does not know you, as long as he/she trusts the collection, it will accept the transaction. In the above example, the size of the anonymous collection is 4. So, anonymous The bigger the collection, the more privacy you have."

“V God” added that this privacy design does not require changes to Ethereum at the protocol level, but rather through a simple set of users.

Eric Conne, a product researcher at blockchain startup Gnosis, points out that the "V God" proposal has a key advantage – it's easy to integrate, he said:

"V God's proposal has one of the biggest advantages, that is, as long as the user wants to use it, he can get a reliable privacy solution immediately, and this solution can be easily integrated into the existing wallet."

However, the privacy transaction design proposed by "V God" requires users to pay a certain fee – that is, the gas fee, but "V God" thinks that for those who want to send a private transaction, the cost of the gas may be just a glimpse of him. Explained on Twitter:

“The main use case for privacy transactions I think of may be to send a transaction from one account to another at a time, so you can actually use this solution directly, this transaction does not need to be associated with an account that contains all your tokens. So, even if you are charged a 2 million gas fee, each account only needs to be paid once, so it is not too bad." (Golden Finance)