Black Friday is coming, can BTC turn over in this round?

Black Friday is coming, can BTC turn over in this round?

As of 8:00 today, in the Ethereum contract elite account, the average long position ratio of the long position was 19.28%, and the average short position ratio was 16.00%. The long position was dominant and the gap between long and short positions increased. The current total number of BTC contract positions is about 54,300 BTC, and the positions have increased. The total number of ETH contract positions is about 797,700 ETH, which is an increase from yesterday's positions.

The most important reason for this round of bitcoin's rise is that different types of investment institutions are constantly infiltrating into the encryption industry. These include retail brokers offering services such as registered investment advisers, traditional asset management companies, and alternative asset managers or hedge funds. The number of US initial jobless claims fell to a five-week low last week, indicating that the US job market is still tight. International tensions continue to put pressure on US stocks. Safe-haven assets are sought after. BTC fell in the early hours of the morning, oscillating around $7,600 during the day, hitting a minimum of $7467.84, rebounding at night BTC, re-standing above $7,700

Trading ideas:

1, Bitcoin (BTC) analysis: Bitcoin has been rising for most of this month, and there are some corresponding corrections. However, the rebound has been quite rapid (from $7,500 to $7,900 in about 6 hours) This is a good sign. The author believes that the possibility of Bitcoin trying to break through $8,000 again in the next few days is very high. After the early morning, the BTC continued to rebound, and the short-term was blocked at the 7950 line. On the technical side, the MACD long-term heavy volume continued, and the Bollinger Bands were generally opened upwards. The daily attention was paid to the effectiveness of the 7750-7700 first-line support. If the support is not broken, the market outlook is expected to hit 8200 again. A line. It is currently the third wave of BTC rebound, focusing on the breakthrough of resistance.

2, bit cash (BCH) analysis: BCH followed the bitcoin to launch a third rebound, technically, MA5, MA10 moving averages have moved up, the overall trend is upward, the top is still concerned about 420,400 first line, short-term breakthrough It is not ruled out that it will continue to innovate. This rebound is more crucial. If the top line in 420 cannot be effectively stabilized, the short-term uptrend of BCH will be suppressed again. It needs to pay attention to 395,380 support in the day. The transaction still supports and resistance. Bit operation.

3, Ethereum (ETH) analysis: In the yesterday's callback, the ether refreshed the low point of the first wave of callbacks, the lowest hit 231 near the road after the rebound, the current offer is around 245, overall, ETH this rebound did not Can keep up with the BTC, lost the previous surge, technically on the hourly chart, MACD long momentum continued, short-term resistance at 255, 260 line, if the third wave rebound can not break through the resistance again, ETH short-term will fall into The pattern of weak shocks, the support below concerns 235,220.

Summary: The current rally is once again open. This is already the third wave of rebound. On the technical side, the current multi-head energy volume is not very obvious. The upper resistance is strong. At present, we need to pay attention to market news and capital flow. At the same time, we can see that The resistance of the rebound has not been broken, and the correction of the digital currency is lower than once. Therefore, it is still necessary to be cautious. (Mars Finance)