Wang Ran: Digital assets will be one of the biggest wealth transfers in human history

On May 24, Wang Ran, founder of Fin-bee, the asset escrow platform, said at the closed-door seminar on digital asset investment that since the gold standard broke, investors have stored wealth in non-monetary assets to avoid inflation, plus currency. The value of the assets is about $700 trillion. The reality is that the financial market inflation rate of 500 million people in the world is more than 10%. Finance without borders currency storage is another option that will expand and erode the market for non-monetary stored value instruments such as gold, stocks and bonds. "The replacement of human assets as a medium of trust by digital assets will be one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history," he said. According to Fidelity's survey of 411 institutions' attitudes toward investing in digital assets on May 2, 22% of organizations have participated, 47% plan to participate, and 31% remain on the sidelines. 11% of individual investors are involved, 72% plan to participate, and 17% remain on the sidelines.