FCoin releases FT public chain, 80% of the accounting fee will be allocated to Token and contract issuer

Babbitt reported on the scene that on May 24th, the FT public chain and ecological presentation was officially held in Hong Kong. At the meeting, FCoin founder Zhang Jian introduced the core characteristics of the FT public chain. It is reported that the FT public chain is based on the improved DPoS algorithm of community voting, which supports the issuance of native assets; the agreement asset supports the mapping of real assets into blockchain assets. At the same time, the FT public chain allocates 80% of the accounting fee to the Token issuer and contract issuer of the issued asset. The test network will be launched on June 6, and the main network switch will start on June 16. Zhang Jian also said that the company system has already faced bottlenecks. The FT public chain is using blockchain technology to promote the company's evolution to the community and use technology to defend everyone's rights.