John McAfee: Nakamoto's identity is easily identifiable, and it may be hidden in a country without income tax.

According to foreign media, recently, the Octo Cong white paper copyright incident triggered a hot debate on the encryption market. John McAfee recently answered in an online podcast why he chose not to disclose the identity of “the real Nakamoto.” He called this because "exposing this secret" may extradite him to the country, because the willingness to violate one of the richest people in the world would put him in a "deep dilemma." In the interview, McAfee also boasted: "He/she/they (Zhong Bencong) is easy to be seen, and any fool can find them. "In addition, he believes that the so-called 'big disclosure' will be a disappointing tragedy, because the real Nakamoto does not want anyone to know. While refusing anyone claiming to be a cryptic nickname creator, McAfee hinted that the suspicious man might be hiding in a country without income taxes, such as the Bahamas.