Founder of Mythos Capital: predicts that DAI demand will increase in the coming months

Ryan Sean Adams, founder of Mythos Capital, said that the market's demand for DAI is likely to increase in the coming months, with the following reasons: 1. Coinbase has opened DAI transactions to retail customers who are not New York residents; DAI Demand provides an economic stimulus for the Ethereum economy by reducing leverage costs; 2. Strong DAI supply demand leads to a decline in the MKR rate of ETH-supported loans (as demand increases, DAI will float above $1, when MKR will fall) Borrowing costs to stabilize the price of DAI); 3. Assuming MKR is a fixed-rate central bank (90% of locked ETH), its loan interest rate will lower the DAI loan interest rate of the entire Ethereum economy, which makes DAI The borrowing costs are lower and lead to more ETH being locked into the DeFi loan agreement; 4. This is the effect of some kind of Ethereum economic stimulus. The reduction in DAI loan costs will increase the supply of DAI, increase the demand for ETH, increase the demand for the DeFi agreement, increase the above multi-party liquidity… until the supply and demand of DAI reach equilibrium again; it is difficult to measure the demand for DAI in the Ethereum economy ( This may be negligible compared to other factors currently available, but I expect the feedback loop between DAI (currency), MKR (bank), and ETH (sovereign currency) to increase as DAI grows.