Mainstream currency market analysis: BTC is at a high level and fluctuating upward trend


In the early morning, the lowest was around $7,960. After falling from $8,120, I couldn’t stand at $8,100 again. The price of the currency began to be compressed and run in the interval. The adjustment period can still be followed by the idea given by the author last night. Then, as long as the price of the currency will not fall below $7,950, then the author gives the recommendation that it will always be in the best admission time . Yesterday evening, I gave more suggestions. The friends who will run short-term can get good in the early morning operation. income.

BTC yesterday’s Yang K also successfully stood on the 5-day moving average. On the 10-day moving average, the 10-day moving average gradually flattened. Bollinger’s opening and the 5-day moving average maintained an upward posture. The price has further upward space, MACD is at 0. If there is a tendency to move away from the axis, then there will be a wave of upward attack. Once the attack can not form an effective scale, it will turn to the downside after the trend stops, and the follow-up trend will also be carried out in the downside and adjustment. It is.

Today's trend will be in a high-level shock upward trend , and continue to sprint to the upper resistance, if today can not effectively break through the current resistance before the close, then the next big likely to enter the adjustment phase, the body appears to fall, so in the operation as much as possible Do fast forward and fast, once the trend is difficult to break through, then put the list on hand, profit from leaving the field to wait for the next opportunity to enter.

On the hourly chart, the BTC is on the upper rail of the Bollinger Band, and the Bollinger Band continues to move upwards. Will the price of the Bollinger continue to rise as expected? The STOCH has a further upward movement through the slow line to form the Golden Fork on the 50-level line. Now, it belongs to the bull market. Once it is put on, the bull market will become more active, and the trend will be dominated by the increase. The operation idea will remain unchanged. The callback to 8,000 USD and 7900 USD is currently available for follow-up. One more single position, the bottom of the current shock quotation range.


ETH recently came to the author is a bullish idea, once the price is standing at 255 US dollars, it will carry out a new round of upward trend.


XRP a few days ago, the author has hinted that the amount can be wilted, it is difficult to form a good rise, and sure enough, it is also in a downward trend in a week. If the next trend can stand up to 0.4 US dollars, there will be a rise. Possible, otherwise the downgrade adjustment is difficult to change.


LTC's current black horse, I told you about the callbacks and more points yesterday. I don't know if I have followed up. The current trend is in a high-level offensive posture. It is possible to break through the new highs at any time. Keeping bullish is also the author. Give you the most effective advice.


The best indulging in the adjustment trend, the down adjustment also has signs of breaking the position, and now it is in a slight upward trend in the trend, but the trend will not last too long, and then most of the adjustments will be followed by the desire to sprint highs. It is recommended to wait and see, then operate, and call back to the support to open positions in batches.


Yesterday's big rise failed to make up for the previous downtrend, only to keep the trend up, the follow-up will be a small shock upward trend, temporarily seeing 7 dollars, of course, the premise is not to be suppressed by the upper resistance too much, callback With more than one, the first to leave the scene.

The recent mainstream currency will be in a volatile market. In the operation, try to keep the sky high and low, and if the trend is determined, it is not too late.